Jan. 10, 2020

Mehmet Gazioğlu


Mehmet Gazioğlu

General Manager, Tersan Shipyard

“Our quality and price have played vital roles in helping us gain a bigger market share.”


Mehmet Gazioğlu is the general manager of Tersan Shipyard and a board member of the Tersan group of companies. He is in charge of new building, ship repair, docking, and conversion projects. Gazioğlu graduated from the High Maritime Faculty as a marine machinery engineer.

Why did Tersan move into the building of passenger and fishing vessels and away from cargo vessels and tankers?
The economic crisis that all shipping companies and shipyards in Turkey faced in 2008 and the balance of the supply and demand chain falling apart to our disadvantage caused us to move away from the cargo vessel and tanker sectors and pushed us to discover the potential in northern Europe and Scandinavian countries. After 2008, we focused on producing tailor-made, purpose-built, and technologically sophisticated niche vessels and worked on developing new business opportunities. As a result of our business development activities, we secured our first niche fishing vessel order from a Norwegian fishery company. We recently signed our sixth vessel contract with the same company, our 100th new building project.

Tersan exports its vessels to markets across the global and has a considerable presence in the European and North American markets. Which regions and countries are Tersan's focus?
We are mostly focused on the Scandinavian, Russian, and North American markets. Given that we offer optimum quality and price balance, ship owners from Norway, Iceland, Russia, Canada, and Denmark prefer Tersan. Logistical advantages, time zones, and cultural similarities also help us establish new partnerships with these countries.

Hybrid solutions in Tersan's new vessels have proved effective in lowering emissions, fuel consumption, and noise. Can you describe the primary technologies behind Tersan's hybrid vessels?
In accordance with the demands of ship owners and end users, we are increasingly applying new technologies to our products, especially to meet requirements such as lower fuel consumption, operational costs, and emissions. Apart from hybrid vessels, we also offer 100% electric-powered ferries. In fact, Tersan was one of the first shipyards to build 100% electric vessels. These ferries are charged at the automatic charging stations at both piers of the ferry route they operate, and they can sail to the other pier without using any additional energy source and charge the batteries again during the loading and unloading of the vehicles. We also equip these ferries with autonomous navigation systems to reduce fuel and energy consumption. These types of ferries evaluate factors such as weather conditions during the cruise, including separation and docking maneuvers, and perform the course with minimum energy. During loading and unloading, instead of holding the ferry to the pier with propellers, which is the conventional method, the vacuum system on the pier holds her up. The energy stored in the batteries of these ferries also meets the targets of zero-exhaust emission since the energy is sourced from hydroelectric power plants. Apart from the battery technology, we apply waste heat recovery systems, permanent magnet synchronous motors, direct drive main panels, variable speed machines, and other new technologies to almost all of our vessels. We also incorporate regeneration technology into the vessels. Using this, we can store the invert energy generated from cranes and winches during the unloading and direct the converted energy to the consumers on the vessel. We work closely with our solution partners to apply renewable energy applications and closely evaluate the results of our applications.

The Turkish shipbuilding industry is on par with European companies in terms of quality and Asian companies in terms of prices. How has Tersan benefited from this position?
Our quality and price have played vital roles in helping us gain a bigger market share. We have focused on purposed-built, tailor-made projects as we can meet all the expectations of the ship owners from European and Scandinavian countries. We aim to maintain this position by satisfying our customers' expectations and ensuring high quality and on-time deliveries. We also provide flexible solutions to our customers in each and every step of the shipbuilding process, from designing and engineering to delivery. Apart from our performance, political stability and financial strength also play a significant role in maintaining the standing of the Turkish shipbuilding industry.