The Business Year

Stéphane Michel

Managing Director and representative, Total E&P in Qatar

Total is one of the top five companies in the world, with cutting-edge technology and a worldwide outreach in more than 130 countries. We are a very international company in the sense that most of our staff members are not French. What we have in common with our partners and competitors is probably more important than our differences. Still, there are some interesting differences in the way we view the world. In terms of marketing, this certainly brings us a good understanding of the European market, and this is important for Qatargas. Also, the way we do business is perhaps somewhat different. Then, obviously, there is a special relationship between France and Qatar, and, in particular, between Total itself and the country, given that we have been here continuously for 77 years, having together forged a remarkable history. We were the first international oil company to help Qatar develop the North Field, the first to join Qatargas, and the first to enter the petrochemical industry—a driving force behind Dolphin—while our discovery of Al Khalij was the first major find in 30 years.

Adel Ahmed Albuainain

General Manager, Dolphin Energy-Qatar

The Dolphin Gas Project has impacted Qatar, the UAE, and Oman, and supported industrial growth and development, although the biggest impact has been on the UAE, where it meets 30% of the country’s energy requirements. However, with a strong track record in community outreach, Dolphin Energy has also played a key role in societal growth and development. Nowhere can this be seen more strongly than in Qatar. The company is a keen supporter of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and the opportunities it offers to drive economic development, environmental stewardship, and societal wellbeing. There is an agreement with Qatar that covers natural gas supply for a period of 25 years. This agreement obliges us to deliver 2 billion standard cubic feet per day to the UAE and Oman, not including liquids. The strategy is to maintain supply reliably and safely because this is essential to both countries and to our customers. We are, in a sense, responsible for energy generation, so you can imagine how important it is to provide uninterrupted supply. We have a good relationship with all the institutions, particularly Qatar University and Texas A&M University. It is critical we support these institutions—Dolphin Energy requires highly skilled engineers and these universities provide the caliber that we need. We are currently focusing on recruiting Qatari graduates in order to increase the Qatarization level, currently at 32%.

Wael Sawan

Managing Director and Country Chair, Wael Sawan



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