The Business Year

Lebanon's entrepreneurial resilience is giving rise to a wide selection of culinary experiences that can transport Lebanese people all across the globe.

Yamisna Yared

General Manager, Maillon Group

In general, Maillon Group constantly aims to introduce new experiences to the Lebanese market and export the Lebanese culinary experience to new markets. Since 2013, Maillon Group has built strong relationships with the Peruvian government and Peruvian suppliers. Today, we are part of the Peru Pisco Corporation (PPC), the biggest corporation of Pisco in Peru. The aim with the corporation is to join the forces of the biggest Pisco suppliers in order to introduce the Peruvian Pisco internationally. That being said, today, we are working on exporting all over the world our own brand of Pisco, Pisco Cinco, which is produced, distilled, and bottled in Peru. Additionally, we are working on opening a Lebanese restaurant in Peru. Besides, we are constantly looking for new opportunities outside of Lebanon with the focus of introducing Lebanese cuisine to new markets. We will be opening a Lebanese restaurant in India and South Korea, in addition to Abu Dhabi, which is still an emerging destination in terms of the development of the food and beverages sector.

Samir Boubess

Chairman, Boubess Group

The group came together by default. My late father was in property development, flour milling, import/export, and other diverse businesses, as was my grandfather. In 1976, he opened a patisserie with a French pastry chef, and it developed into a deli supermarket, with a restaurant next door. At the same time he opened a high-end French restaurant called L’Orangerie on the mezzanine floor of a complex. Ministers and leading people in Lebanese society used to dine there, and it was his prestige project. I came back to Lebanon in 1989 and opened an Italian restaurant called Spaghetteria Italiana. Then, we went into one concept or business after another. We started projects when everyone else was pessimistic. Everyone thought we were crazy. When we invested in downtown Beirut, we saw that, at the end of the day, downtown Beirut cannot be replaced.

Karim Miknas

Managing Partner, Karim Miknas

We welcomed our first customers in Dora in 1998, and to celebrate we are preparing a full renovation of the restaurant to be completed by the end of 2017. We are looking forward to kicking off 2018 with a completely remodeled store that embodies a futuristic experience. We will be refreshing and renewing our stores. Some may also be relocated. Another important focus is the continual improvement of the quality of our products. It is essential for us to work with local suppliers both as a means of empowering local businesses and to deliver fresh, delicious, and safe local products of the highest international standards to all our beloved Lebanese communities. Our guests will experience the very best that McDonald’s stores feature worldwide. Our global CEO has taken the decision to evolve the strategy from incorporating regional and local solutions to truly behaving as a global company and that includes the entire customer experience.



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