Mar. 10, 2020

Felipe Ávila


Felipe Ávila

General Manager, PECS

“The mining industry is under a magnifying glass in the country.”


Felipe Ávila has been a part of PECS since 2006. He is responsible for the company's finance and operations departments. He has been PECS's general manager since December 2016. He studied administration and economics at DePaul University in Chicago and obtained a master's in project management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia's EAE Business School.

How has technology marked PECS' trajectory since its inception, and what role does it currently have in the development of more efficient environmental solutions?

PECS is an Ecuadorian company that has been characterized by investing in technology and innovating in a disruptive way for more than 30 years. From the beginning, we sought to innovate. Our budget includes a percentage for R&D, which has allowed us to expand the portfolio of services we offer from a couple of lines focused on spill care to more than 20 at this time, covering the full spectrum of environmental services, including the application of the circular economy and the revaluation of waste. We are challenging ourselves to not have final disposal of waste in five years' time, but instead reuse 100% of them. Technology is a crucial part of this challenge.

What approach does PECS have in terms of innovation and development, especially for the conception of organic and biodegradable products?

In 2018, we completed an ambitious project at our Integral Solutions Center (CSIGAV), located in the Joya de los Sachas, for the revaluation of organic products. At the moment, large quantities of chemicals that are not compatible with sustainable production with the environment are used within the market in general. Our initiative focuses on improving the type of fertilizer and fertilizers that are used in eastern Ecuador for agricultural plantations in the area. The organic revaluation project generates a product with high nutritional qualities, which is subsequently donated to the community near our facilities or used in our palm and cacao plantations. The fertilizer—waste derivative—is already in production, and we hope to launch it for sale in 2020.

How is the company innovating in terms of waste management?

PECS is the first company in Ecuador to focus its business model on researching, developing, and applying cutting-edge and disruptive technology while applying the circular economy. As an important part of our business model and vision, in PECS Environmental Solutions, we specialize in providing customized solutions and advise companies on how to stop having linear economies and convert their waste management to circular economies, minimizing pollution. To achieve this change, investment in technology and continuous training of human capital is essential, both within PECS and its clients. Additionally, we focus on providing follow-ups to the implementation of the new technologies that we bring to the country to be a success and to develop new technologies that fit the reality of the country. Having this flexibility, monitoring, and continuous improvement application, our technology application is technically and economically viable, which is usually where many environmental projects fail.

What are the great environmental challenges for the mining industry and its consolidation?

The mining industry is under a magnifying glass in the country, so in addition to the social resistance that has developed, its great challenge now is to meet the expectations of the environmental authority and the Ecuadorian people. Our guarantee is that we will support this industry to be successful in the country, providing solutions to cover the environmental needs they may have, and that guarantee this compliance with the environmental authority and the Ecuadorian people. We believe and focus on developing clean technology that supports the different industries in the country, minimizes pollution, and applies circular economy, taking care of non-renewable resources.

What are the priorities for PECS for 2020?

Our goal is to achieve 100% revaluation of waste generated by our customers in five years, and this is a crucial part of the company's strategic decisions. This objective fills us with optimism; we know there will be many challenges along the way, though we are sure we will achieve it. We will look for clients committed to the environment that are our strategic partners in this new adventure that will be a guide to produce without polluting. The true mark is not to leave a mark.