Feb. 4, 2015

Patricia de Moya

Dominican Republic

Patricia de Moya

Editor-in-Chief, Mercado Media Network


Patricia de Moya is the Editor-in-Chief of Mercado Media Network, a company that creates and publishes publications for the world of business. She injects her personal style into each publication, and Mercado has secured interviews with personalities such as Steve Forbes, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gustavo Cisneros, and Oscar de la Renta.

Do you plan to launch any new special editions in the near future?

The range of publications available in the Dominican Republic has been growing consistently over the course of the past decade. Coverage of specific niches of the market by special editions was required by the key sectors of the national economy. Through strategic planning, the Mercado Media Network has developed special editions that have become key reference guides of great value to the business community of our country.

What is the average profile of your readers?

Revista Mercado has two public objectives, the first of which is directed at executives and entrepreneurs, decision makers who need up-to-date information of the highest quality. Our secondary target demographic is young people at university or college studying in the field of business, and who see our editorial content as the best tool to help them advance in the world of business.

How do you attract, train, and maintain the most talented human resources and how many people work for the firm?

In the 21 years of constant expansion that our company has seen, we have never failed to maintain the international standards that befit business publications. Along with the excellence we expect of our committed editorial staff, we have also succeeded because of a marketing department that has in many ways surpassed local standards. Our company currently has 80 employees across our editorial, art, marketing, sales, distribution, circulation, and administrative departments. Our team's talent is continuously evolving, and is always guided by the enthusiasm, dedication, and leadership passed on by the heads of the various departments.

Mercado Media Network has signed a number of prominent international publishing alliances with The Economist, Advertising Age, Harvard Business School, Suzy & Jack Welch, John Tscholtz, Richard Branson, and CNN/Expansion. Do you plan further such expansion?

Our most recent success in this area was the signing of our alliance with Bloomberg LTD, which reaffirms our leadership among business publications. This will not be our last such agreement however. We have also worked with the Time Inc. brand Sports Illustrated. Through these understandings we achieve an editorial mix that offers the best of domestic and international content. Beyond our national presence, we have subscribers in Miami, New York, and Puerto Rico, and are planning to expand our circulation in these areas over this year.

How has social media affected the news industry, and how has Mercado Media Network responded to recent trends and technologies?

The social media revolution is a reality, and the world of publishing has definitively changed in that regard. The interconnectivity of information and platforms is what allows publications to stay current and generate reader interest. Mercado Media Network is already prepared, offering added value to all of our editorial content through social media platforms, including the content from our international partners.

What is Mercado Media Network's medium term development strategy, and what are its main focuses for the coming year?

The development strategy is to reinforce our position as the market leader in publishing, while also launching new products that permit us to enter other segments of the market. For this year, the optimization of our services through a new entity called the Mercado Exchange will be a major focus. Toward those ends we have created a highly professional team focused on developing strategies and corporate services that complement our portfolio.