The Business Year

Abu Dhabi has been making significant progress in creating sustainable employment opportunities for UAE nationals, and companies are poised to support the government's efforts.

Riad Nashif

Former Executive Vice President Middle East & Managing Director UAE and Oman, AECOM

Emiratization is a challenge for every player in the private sector. The private sector does not offer the same benefits and privileges that the public sector does. Nonetheless, AECOM offers many apprenticeships for which we try to attract young Emiratis to apply. We actively participate in university job fairs, engaging with students from the higher colleges of technology, the UAE University, and American University of Sharjah, to name a few. We have also pushed forward with attracting talent through job fairs in the Omani market, where we have had a higher rate of success. Furthermore, despite female empowerment being on top of our agenda, we still find it difficult to attract Emirati females and incorporate them in leadership positions. This is mainly because of different cultural commitments and flexibility requirements, which we would be happy to accommodate.

Amer Kakish

CEO, Ittihad International Investment

Government and semi-government entities remain the focal point in the Emiratization process. The programs offered by ADNOC, ADNOC-OPCs, Etisalat, Mubadala, and many others attract most of the talented Emiratis with several incentives including competitive salaries, trainings, and career development. It goes without saying that the private sector cannot match such offering; however, we should focus on vocational training and schools. We can create a new segment for Emiratization. The UAE’s Emiratization strategy does not pose a threat to the foreign talent attraction, as the total Emirati workforce is less than 10% of the overall population in the UAE. The main challenge lies in the methodology to attract local talent and developing their skill-sets to work in the private sector while maintaining the sector’s competitiveness.

Hamad Al Mansoori

Director General, Hamad Al Mansoori

Developing national talent is a mandate for all federal entities, and every year TRA invests in its employees by providing the necessary training to boost employees’ skills and knowledge, resulting in a high-caliber workforce. At the same time, technology is evolving rapidly, causing more challenges in the telecom sector when it comes to looking for suitable national candidates. The UAE government is striving toward a smart government and AI, leading to a great deal of investments taking place to provide a better lifestyle in the working environments and creating high-quality infrastructure for all sectors, not only telecoms. We are proud to be part of this journey and have such experts and high-performing employees in our entity.



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