Sep. 23, 2020

Eduardo López Robayo


Eduardo López Robayo


SERTECPET is ensuring quality and safety, not only with its robust management systems and certifications, but also through its ability to work both alone and in partnership with companies such as Pemex.


Eduardo López Robayo assumed his current position in 2010. Previously, he was appointed constitutional representative of the president of Ecuador to the board of directors of Petroecuador in 2003. In 2004, he became the Minister of Energy and Mining. López Robayo has a degree in commercial engineering from the Universidad Javeriana, Ecuador. He also studied geology, mining, petroleum, and environment while pursuing a degree in petroleum negotiation management in the engineering department of the Central University of Ecuador.

How does new technology help oil and gas companies cope with situations like the COVID-19 pandemic?
The virus is a new reality for people, companies, and governments that not only requires adjustments in our lives in relation to health, but also entails greater responsibility for people's lives. That is why it is so necessary to act proactively by promoting policies, protocols, processes and flows of action that allow us to minimize risks. For us, as a leader in this industry, it is essential to maintain a quality safety and environment management system, because today more than ever industries have to work under high quality standards that guarantee the health of employees and stakeholders. SERTECPET has implemented a robust management system, with certifications issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API), including the 7CL, Q1, and Q2 standards. Additionally, we have a quality system ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified by Lloyds of London and approved by the API. Today, we are the only company in the world that has the 18 LCM standard, which involves the management of the life cycle from beginning to end. We are the ninth company in the world with API 19AC certification, which is for the design of downhole tools. Our management model helps us to focus permanently on continuous improvement, thus allowing us to go beyond the attribute of the product and service, adding high value to our customers, increasing its technological component, the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, and generating innovations in our different lines of business. This becomes indispensable in this situation where the pandemic forces us to reinvent ourselves much faster.

How would you describe the experience of SERTECPET in the renewable energy sector?
Oil companies are transforming themselves into energy companies, by investing resources in the development of renewable energies. Our organization has decided to expand its core business based on our know-how and installed capacities to face the global need to reduce the carbon footprint and simultaneously contribute to clean energy projects. Our 2040 vision is to become a generator of technology that contributes to the generation of renewable energy. For this, we have placed SERTECPET Energy Holdings in Madrid, because, strategically, Europe has more resources, technology, and commitment to the development of renewable energies.

Pemex is among the customers of SERTECPET in Mexico. What opportunities do you see in the Mexican market?
Mexico is an important player in the oil and gas market; it has a solid industry and capacity to export several products. It is worth noting that Mexico not only exports oil but a whole range of manufactured products, especially in North America. Since we arrived in 2005, we have believed in Mexico's potential for our company. Pemex had an excellent record when we started participating in its artificial lift projects with our SMART Jet Claw system and with our integrated service with the Mobil Testing Unit, accompanied by our SYAL software. In addition, we have designed specific tools for wells with problems at the bottom. Now we are interested in both EPC projects and offshore fields, where the benefits will be substantial. As a company and industry supported by local production of the highest quality, generating productive linkages, employment, transparency, technology and contribution to the economy, we are ready more than ever to invest much more. Our philosophy of working alone or in partnership allows us to add more value to the country. People, companies, governments, and countries need to see beyond the everyday to anticipate the future and live the era of disruption. Today, quality is measured by the capacity for change, adaptation, and evolution of the product to the requirements of an ever-changing market. SERTECPET is commited to providing quality services in all markets, based on best practices, allowing us to build solid partnerships to obtain greater value for all parties.