Jan. 8, 2020

Denis Manturov


Denis Manturov

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation,

“In order to cooperate even further, we need to maintain a continuous dialogue with our Turkish partners and incentivize investment in Russia even further.”


Denis Manturov has been the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation since 2012. He previously served as Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade as well as Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy. Prior to his roles in the ministry, Manturov served as the general director of OPK Oboronprom, deputy chairman of the State Investment Corporation (Gosinkor), commercial director of Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, and deputy general director at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Lomonosov MSU and a doctoral degree from Moscow Aviation Institute. He majored in law at the Russian Academy of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation.

Russia's partnership with Turkey is marked by intense collaboration and investment, especially in the industrial domain. We have had constructive dialogue that is reflected by our dynamics and our bilateral trade growth, which increased by 60% last year and has exceeded USD25 billion.
We have together initiated large-scale successful projects in the sphere of metal works, automobile manufacturing and construction, and the production of various materials. We see huge potential to boost our cooperation further in the areas of shipbuilding, aviation, agriculture, and the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from this, we have a number of Russian companies operating in Turkey, and the Turkish industrial business has proven to be quite a success in the Russian market. On the ground in Russia, they are represented in special economic zones like those in Tataristan. We have already established seven enterprises that provide for a wide range of materials and items, including finished products, plastic, pipes, and materials for cars. These are excellent examples that should be used as examples of future participation by the Turkish side within the Russian Federation.
In order to cooperate even further, we need to maintain a continuous dialogue with our Turkish partners and incentivize investment in Russia even further. We will accomplish the latter through special economic zones, areas of advanced development, as well as industrial parks. We have mechanisms that offer long-term guarantees for investors and have established special preferential regimes in line with the best and most affordable work practices. We are focused on attracting advanced technology companies to invest in the Russian Federation and cooperate with Russian companies. We are ready to open access for them to enter the Russian market, and we are interested in providing certain subsidies to support them. Here, they can also cooperate with countries from all across the world.
Within the framework of our trade partnership, we also have systems and a special group to support Turkish exported goods. Within these support mechanisms, we want SMEs to be more involved. In this sense, our Turkish counterparts can make strong contributions. They can focus even more on different technologies and joint projects. We could establish even more alliances and strengthen our network and cooperation even more. We could further promote this form of long-term partnership.
To summarize, I would like to say that I wish you very fruitful and interesting work. I hope you enjoy breakthrough ideas and successful and mutually beneficial projects.

*Extracted from a speech given at Innoprom July 2019.