Nov. 27, 2020

Mohamed Ifrah


Mohamed Ifrah

General Director, DHL Express Morocco

As the first international express transport company to enter Morocco, DHL has a tried-and-tested recipe for success: take care of its employees, focus on great quality, and listen to the needs of customers.


Mohamed Ifrah joined DHL Express Morocco in 1995 and was appointed Country Manager Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritania in 2018. Ifrah holds a master's degree in controlling from ISCAE Casablanca and a bachelor's in business administration. His background in express business gives him an overall understanding of how to improve customer satisfaction and be acknowledged as employer and provider of choice.

What is the strategy behind your facility expansion in Tangier?
Tangier is becoming the fastest-growing area in Morocco. As a logistics company, we have to follow and listen to the voices of both businesses and customers and provide the best solutions. Today, we are the only express logistics company with a warehouse at Tangier airport.

What are the most important sources of revenue for DHL here?
In Morocco, B2B is still the dominant contributor to our revenue at more than 80%. Our different offers suit the market's needs and our customers' portfolios are rich and varied—wherever we can have additional revenue we will operate and offer our services. We serve the automotive, aeronautic, banking and financial, textiles, handy-crafts, and logistics sectors. We are here to answer to market needs whether it is B2B or B2C. We have invested in many cities and regions from north to south and we are happy to offer our services at 20 service points and express centers.

Will e-commerce grow further in Morocco?
Over the last few years, e-commerce in Morocco on both the import and export sides has grown. As a compliant company, we are working hand-in-hand with the local authorities to ease the flow of inbound e-commerce shipments. The world today is more oriented toward digitalization, and e-commerce is seen as the digital market for today and the future. With the recent upgrade of hard currency allowance, we can expect inbound e-commerce shipments to increase further. Another encouraging sign is the increase in the number of new start-ups. We are ready to serve and support this growing business by giving advice based on our global experience. During the lockdown, we worked hand-in-hand with our customers and are proud to participate in their growth. We have seen many clients shift to e-commerce, which has helped them not only survive during the lockdown but also sustain a healthy growth for the future. As a logistics company, we have to listen to the market, and for the time being B2C is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

How will the digital revolution change the market in Morocco?
Our daily challenge is to make our customers' lives better and easier by giving them the ability to manage and access information immediately. Digital revolution is giving—and will continue to give—a positive push to the market. The parallel side of digitalization is robotics, and DHL has three innovation centers around the world. The last one opened in the US in 2020. We aim to provide our customers with the newest technology available, delivering excellence in a digital world.

What measures did you take to win the best employer award?
It is definitely a challenge to be top employer for three years in a row. It is even more challenging to sustain this recognition and improve our employees' lives. We are looking for excellence through different programs and will continuously work every year, month, week, and day to make sure today is better than yesterday. Our workforce is our main differentiator; it gives us the power to deliver the best quality to our customers.

What have been your efforts regarding sustainability?
So far, we have helped needy students under the Go Teach program, we delivered IT materials to NGOs during the lockdown, and we refurbished a public school. Under the Go Help program, we engage in no less than 20 activities every year. Being a part of DPDHL makes us all an engaged company in green practices. We participated in the Formula-e Marrakesh, where we worked closely with a local NGO to clean the environment.

What are your goals for 2020?
The main goal in 2020 is to ensure the safety of our employees, shipments, premises, and customers. We will continue to take care of our employees, focus on great quality, listen to our customers, and make sure we are their first choice whenever they think about logistics. In Morocco, we will continue to invest in people and infrastructure.