Aug. 31, 2016

Salman M.H. Al-Jishi

Saudi Arabia

Salman M.H. Al-Jishi

Chairman, National Gas & Industrialization Co. (GASCO)

TBY talks to Salman M.H. Al-Jishi, Chairman of National Gas & Industrialization Co. (GASCO), on the company's extensive reach, its strategy for the sector, and focusing on providing better services.


Salman M.H. Al-Jishi is Chairman of GASCO. He was previously the Chairman of the Board of Directors of GASCO. Jishi holds an MBA from the American University of Beirut and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from King Saud University.

What is your reach in terms of distribution in the country and what strategies do you implement to provide excellent services?

We have a Kingdom-wide network of around 2,400 distributors that are located close to the customers in every city, town, and village in Saudi Arabia. We distribute LPG in small commercial or domestic-sized containers to these distributors, which store the LPG containers on their sites. In turn these distributors serve the customers in their area by delivering containers to them directly when they are visited by domestic customers or by delivering to customers' sites through their retail distribution network. Under the unfilled service, we service large customers in the commercial or industrial sectors directly through our own call center, and we distribute LPG in bulk throughout Saudi Arabia through our seven branches. We have seven refilling locations located strategically across Saudi Arabia to meet our customers' needs. We separate the two major segments of filled and unfilled as part of our strategy to focus on leveraging our resources to serve our customers in an efficient and cost effective manner. We have many initiatives recently implemented in line with our strategy for improving our safety and service toward our esteemed customers throughout the Kingdom. We have implemented state-of-the-art technological solutions to provide better service through better monitoring of our filing and distribution service. We have a call center working 24/7. Leveraging technology, we monitor all of our trucks wherever they are moving in order to ensure safety and security, while optimizing efficiency in operations. Safety is the number-one priority for us; we want to be sure we deliver LPG according to the highest standards of safety. We strive to ensure safety in every phase of our operations. Accordingly, all our distribution trucks have been designed according to European standards. We also train and re-train our drivers continually so that they maintain high level of professionalism and certification in professionally handling and transporting hazardous materials safely.

In light of Vision 2030, what is your vision for the sector in the medium term?

In Vision 2030, we are talking about industry and clean sources of energy. LPG usage for power generation is a comparatively greener source of energy than traditional sources such as crude oil and diesel, which are used in our country presently. This fits with the vision for 2030, which is about increasing the participation of the industry in overall GDP. This is something that we would try to be a part of. We definitely see a bigger contribution of the company to the national economy by improving safety and service in the supply and distribution of LPG to any user of LPG within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We try to align our strategy and services with the needs of the industrial sector and its needs for LPG as a greener source of power than diesel or crude oil, because this is the sector that Vision 2030 is talking about growing in a big way.

As for 2016, do you have specific goals or expectations?

We are investing more in developing our human resources capital and especially in improving the safety and security of our staff, operations, and citizens. We strive to provide better service and have purchased more trucks to increase our distribution fleet to provide improved services by delivering LPG to all our customers in the shortest period of time, while striving to ensure that no one faces a shortage at any time anywhere in the Kingdom. Furthermore, we plan to open new locations around the country, in a well-planned and phased manner. We have already approved one location as a distribution center and are in the process of completing it this year. Next year we will re-look at the whole of Saudi Arabia and its needs for LPG to see how to provide better service to our partners and customers by being closer to them, in each city, town, and village.