Jul. 28, 2021

Corinna Graf


Corinna Graf

CEO, Puerto Portals

“Puerto Portals has a large commercial area and was created to complete the experience of having a place to dock one’s boat and be able to have a gastronomical or shopping experience.”


Corinna Graf holds a degree in economics from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Her family founded Puerto Portals in the 1980s, which was officially opened on July 4, 1986. She has been the CEO of Puerto Portals since 2012, after having been director and vice president of a company in the household appliance sector for eight years. Graf combines the management of Puerto Portals with other positions in sectors as diverse as industry, hospitality, and wine. She is President of the Association of Marinas of the Balearic Islands (PDBA) and a member of the board of directors of the Association for the Progress of Management (APD) Baleares, the territorial advisory board of Caixabank in the Balearic Islands, and the eastern regional advisory board of BBVA. She is trilingual in Spanish, English, and German.

Puerto Portals has become a landmark on the island of Mallorca for being a marina with an extraordinary leisure offering. How has the marina taken shape over the years to become the reference it is today?

From the beginning, Puerto Portals was created to be more than the ports that already existed on the island. Puerto Portals has a large commercial area and was created to complete the experience of having a place to dock one's boat and be able to have a gastronomical or shopping experience. A commercial area was created along with the port, which has subsequently evolved and been revamped to adapt to people's needs. The infrastructure is specially designed to achieve that. At Puerto Portals, there are restaurants, boutiques, real estates, and sports facilities within the marina. Recently, we developed a new commercial area that will allow us to expand our offering for all types of visitors and boat users by having more options for leisure and tourism at the marina and surrounding area. Puerto Portals maintains a high turnover of visitors thanks to the many events organized throughout the year on its premises.

How are you working to maintain a busy agenda of events and activities for both boaters and visitors?

Events have been extremely important for us over the last few years and have become increasingly important. Puerto Portals has an important sailing division, as well as a commercial and leisure part. It is important for us to keep that commercial area as dynamic as possible to maintain a high a turnover of visitors. Summer is peak season because of the number of people we receive, though it is important to keep the marina alive during the off-season as well. To achieve that, we organize social and sports events, as well as events for children, for example. For seven years, we have organized the 52 Super Series Sailing Week, one of the most important of its kind in the world. There are between 10 and 12 competing crews from different countries, and in 2021 we will have 16 boats. Among its participants are Olympic athletes and winners of the America's Cup regatta. For us, it is a pleasure and an honor to host such an important event. We also host some winter regattas, such as the Dragon Winter Racing. We have gradually sought to position ourselves within the international agenda for regattas; however, our events go much further. We organize the Christmas Market in winter inspired by German Christmas markets, as well as the Farmers Market. In the summer, we have the Sunset Market, which is a summer market with a Mediterranean-style atmosphere.

Marinas are working to become eco-friendlier and better integrated in their environment with plans for waste management or plastic reduction. How is Puerto Portals embracing this green transition?

This is something that we have worked on for many years and had considered even before COVID-19 started. We stopped working with plastics many years ago and only use glass bottles and cups. In addition, twice a year we clean our waters of waste with a team of scuba divers. Our Sailing School seeks to raise awareness of the importance of cleaning plastics from the sea. In this regard, we collaborate with NGOs on programs to clean the sea. We have programs to communicate to our clients how they can protect the environment and what actions they can do in that area. We are revamping our buildings to make them more efficient with thermic isolation, LED lights, and electric car charging stations. We are also considering installing charging stations for boats. We are working with machinery that consumes less energy, for example, and we have a desalination facility to use seawater for irrigation or human consumption. This is useful so we do not stress the scarce hydric resources of the island. It is important to protect the environment, and in Puerto Portals we are committed to that. Additionally, nautical tourism is extremely enthusiastic about sustainability and the environment, and it is already an important piece of the island's economy. Mallorca would not be what it is without nautical tourism. It is important to look after our waters, and people who sail are in constant touch with nature. People who sail like to take care of the sea, and we now want to integrate that consciousness among those who come to the island for only one or two weeks. We want to generate that awareness about the importance of taking care of the environment.

What will be Puerto Portals' main priorities in the near future?

We would like to maintain what has worked in the past, while looking at the possibilities that the future provides. We are working to increase our digitalization, without missing the personal and emotional aspect within people. We are working on an app and other projects in order to consolidate ourselves as a commercial and leisure port. We want everyone to feel happy in Puerto Portals. We want to provide a space for a high net worth individual with a yacht as well as those who do not have a boat but like to have a walk in our marina. We want this marina to be for everyone.