Sep. 23, 2019

Ronald Hochar


Ronald Hochar

Chairman of the Board, Château Musar

TBY talks to Ronald Hochar, Chairman of the Board of Château Musar on the Lebanese retail sector.

What makes Château Musar wines special?

We are not about profits, but quality. We have an almost philosophical approach to wine-making: we believe in the power of the number seven. That is how many years we leave our wines to age, to integrate all their tastes and tones. After fermentation, in the second year the Château wine is put in wood, and then the third year in the glass bottle. It is then kept in the bottle for another four years before it is finished.

What is the history of Château Musar?

Château Musar is located in Ghazir, a coastal area where my family owned a castle that was previously home to the Prince Chehab family that later on ruled Lebanon. In 1930, we began to make wine from the grapes grown in our vineyards in the Bekaa Valley. In our first years, until the end of the French mandate (1945), we sold most of our wine to French officials. Major Ronald Barton, of Château Langoa-Barton, stationed in Lebanon during World War II, became a great friend, strengthening the links between Château Musar and Bordeaux. Those links remain to this day.