May. 1, 2022

Victoria Plantalamor


Victoria Plantalamor

CEO, Crimidesa Group


Victoria Plantalamor is CEO of Grupo Industrial Crimidesa and is a member of the board of directors and president of ADEFAM. She holds a degree in mining engineering from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and an MBA from Thunderbird University of Arizona and PADE from IESE.

Grupo Industrial Crimidesa started operations in Morocco in 2004. What motivated Crimidesa to enter the Moroccan market, and how would you evaluate the last 18 years?

Crimidesa is a group that exploits industrial minerals and therefore its growth had to go through seeking new opportunities in mining, and Morocco was and still is a country that offers great opportunities, not only because of its natural resources, but also because of its legal security and its human capital. Throughout these 18 years, Crimidesa Maroc has gone through various stages. From its beginnings until 2008, the company had moderate growth, exporting its production to the main consuming regions. The financial crisis of 2008 motivated us to rethink the group's strategy for our subsidiary, always betting on the Moroccan domestic market. In 2019, we were able to recover exports, thus increasing our production and improving our efficiency. Today, we continue to supply material to the main Moroccan producers and export to consumer countries.

Growth in the feldspar market is one of the group’s objectives. What uses does this mineral have?

The main use of feldspar is in the ceramic sector. It is also used in the health sector and in the manufacturing of glass. We sell to the main Moroccan producers in all these sectors. We are committed to a high-quality and a regular supply to help customers improve their efficiency. In addition to Morocco, there are other countries that consume feldspar, such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Crimidesa was the first mining company in Spain to obtain environmental certification 14001 in 1996. Is the environment a special concern for the group?

Crimidesa has always worked with high standards in environmental, sustainability, and safety issues. Our philosophy applies to all our production centers. Therefore, in Morocco we have worked hard to achieve the same standards as the group. We can feel proud of what has been achieved to date, although it is a process of continuous improvement to which we must dedicate financial and human resources annually.

What are the main objectives of Crimidesa Maroc for this 2022?

In 2022, we want to continue growing at the rate of recent years, both in production and in exports. Therefore, we must continue to improve our operations and be vigilant in attracting the best talent. All this requires investments that the group has valued and that it hopes to be able to undertake in its entirety throughout the 2022 financial year.