The Business Year

Qiu Qi

Managing Director, Huawei Mozambique

Huawei is the only equipment supplier for Vodacom Mozambique’s 2G and 3G radio access network, providing the SingleRAN solution, which is LTE ready. The third license operator, Movitel, has not only adopted Huawei SingleRAN equipment on the radio access network, where we enjoy a 50% market share, but also applied a converged billing system. Even though the operators have not embraced cloud-computing technology yet, we have already managed to team up with the government to establish a 2,000-sqm data center. This data center will cater to the needs of IT service companies in the various arms of government. Apart from that, the other 50% of its capacity will be dedicated to business sectors such as the commercial banking industry, mining, and hospitals, with data hosting and cloud-computing-based IT services. Currently, the technical trend is toward cloud-based networking. Intelligent Cloud, golden pipelines, and smart terminals are the three parts we identified as the components of our strategy.

Hermann Woithe

CEO, Internet Solutions

We are currently working on getting all of the corporations connected to a reliable network. The next step for us would be to introduce cloud services; connectivity is an enabler for the cloud. We have been talking to Associação de Comércio e Indústria (ACIS). We want to see if it is possible to launch software as a service, because traditional proprietary products are expensive and cumbersome for SMEs. I’m also looking at something on the Google platform that we might use. Right now, small businesses need to buy expensive proprietary software; they store it in their PC and then if there’s a flood or an electrical spark, it’s gone. That sort of thing happens all the time and it is a huge problem, but there are solutions out there; we just need to make them work for Mozambique. The incubator might be a route toward that as well. It could wind up being something we excel at as a service.

Constantino Sotomane

Deputy Director of the Office for Implementation, Constantino Sotomane

The idea of a Science and Technology Park is part of our ICT strategy and also our global development objective. The Science and Technology Park has three focus areas. One is education. The park will develop several educational activities, while also working as a technology incubator to help entrepreneurs, which is its second focus. We will link these educational activities to the incubator so that everybody has the chance to come up with new ideas. The final objective is to attract domestic and international companies that can invest and make a significant contribution to the park’s development. The country itself is becoming an attractive place to do business, and we believe that this park will help foster closer relations between research and education. The companies that come here will have an opportunity to be very close to academic and research institutions, and will be able to utilize these research stations to develop new products and human resources. Infrastructure is one of the major attractions.

Fernando Azevedo

General Manager, TVCABO

Most of the SMEs that are growing use either external solutions or very basic solutions. The price of the internet in Mozambique is also a barrier, but it must be seen not as a cost but as an investment. The whole country needs to invest in more reliable infrastructure. From the corporate side, the companies that really want to go further and take the next step in their business will have to invest in better connections and internal infrastructure. Also, there is no content in Mozambique; there is an opportunity there. Today, if we look at internet traffic, all of the incoming traffic originated externally. There is a lot of traffic, and it is growing fast each quarter. One of the opportunities is the creation of local content. Additionally, I expect that corporate customers will start growing very fast and will be an important part of the revenue stream for all players in this industry. Today, there is no big difference between the offer for residential customers and large companies, but TVCABO is working on a well-oriented project for companies of all sizes and address the specific issues of each sector.



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