The Business Year

Given the low penetration rate of insurance and lack of information surrounding them, brokers and agents

Fernando Lledo

Managing Director, Bupa

The challenge we had in Mexico was always reaching more people. We are leaders in international insurance, and after a year of working on it, we have achieved a strong position offering national coverage insurance products. Bupa was created with the objective of generating health, and we continue to reinvest only in healthcare. The Mexican market has the quality for the global capacity we have. We first acquired Vitamedica in 2020, and it has been fully implemented since then. Vitamedica is our operation center both in terms of our work with clients and our relationship with our medical providers. We want to get patients in contact with doctors. The pandemic also accelerated our process of digitalization. Our goal is to make every insured individual feel comfortable. It is not only about medical assistance, but also about the relationship with providers. The three levers of digitalization are the consumer, the provider, and the company’s development. We are also focusing on other requests that we were not working on, namely highly premium requests. Our products were not developed enough, and now we are able to offer a corporate product in any branch of the organization. From there, we will have a product for cooperatives in 2022.

Daniel Guzmán

CEO & Managing Director, Grupo KC

Approximately 60% of our portfolio is focused on motor, while the other 40% corresponds to industry, commerce, and financial groups. We had wanted to acquire or establish an alliance with ADRISA for years. It has excellent services, while it records significant EBITDA figures. We were interested in ADRISA because it has an important portfolio of industrial clients. We also have clients in that area, but now we have doubled our size in the industry segment. The transaction took place in 2020 and we are now going through the merger process. The new group is going to be named Grupo Howden Mexico. Howden is the largest private insurance broker in the world, excluding the US market. Although we have operations in the US. Its motto is ‘people first’ and almost 30% of the company’s shares are in the hands of its employees. We are a company that stands out for its broad range of special services, as well as our annual two-digit growth in both organic and inorganic terms. We have three lines of business: insurance brokerage, reinsurance brokerage and risk underwriting. We have very positive perspectives because the merger will conclude and, as a result, our business will grow twice in terms of size.

José Luis Ordás Escourido

President & CEO, José Luis Ordás Escourido

We have invested heavily in terms of the collections for AI to find and polish our database. We formed alliances and hired companies that are experts in this. We are looking at types of collection, better quotes for agents, and reaching more clients using data analysis. We also invested in recruitment, whereby we use data to find the people with the profile to become an insurance agent. The entire recruitment and selection process is done through the page. There is a great deal of technology being developed as insurtech, and we are working precisely on the technology part of all this. We are following the customer path to improve the experience in each process. We have also evolved as well. For us, as an agency, the focus was always on the insurance agent, while technology has been focusing heavily on the insurance user. Now, one of the things we are working on is giving them full knowledge of the client and all the necessary technology from the moment customers contact us so we can contact them, deliver the best experience, quote, attention, follow-up, and so on. 2022 will present some challenges, though it will be a year of growth for the country and sector.



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