The Business Year

A. Kamizi

President, Radiator Iran

Due to changes in the technology for heat exchangers in cars, as a pioneer in this industry we started new production lines that utilized aluminum; this means cheaper and more efficient products with more satisfied customers. Other producers followed us, and now there is no car manufacturer using copper or brass products. In the industrial heat exchangers section, many companies used to import their needs, while over the past 10 years we have met all of our own demand. Our customer list is a long one. We supply to almost all automotive manufacturers in Iran, with a focus on passenger cars. We supply 100% of Saipa’s demand and 60% of Iran Khodro’s. We guarantee our products for two years, but in normal usage radiators need to be changed every 12 years. The radiator is the first part to be damaged in every car crash, and it should be replaced. We supply radiators for many kinds of vehicles in Iran. We have about 450 employees at our two plants, which are very close to each other. We are planning to establish a plant outside of Iran as well, and we are focusing on Russia and Ukraine as potentially big markets where we can easily meet radiator demand.

M. Bahrami Navid

Managing Director, Iran Yasa

Iran Yasa is the largest tire producer in Iran. The founder of this factory chose the best technology available at the time the company started. The company received the technology from Japanese manufacturers that were present at that time. The machines were imported from Japan and the technology was based on a combination of Iranian and foreign concepts. The base was very good, and afterward the technology department of the factory started to make modifications—testing, innovating, and receiving feedback from the market, and correcting any defects. This strong base created loyalty among our customers and made quality a key factor for the success of the management of the company. The reforms we implemented at the company resulted in the large number of exports we delivered in 2011. Now that we are meeting the needs of the local market, it is our aim to look to foreign markets as well. We also made some changes in the distribution system of the factory, resulting in a number of benefits for the company. One is that we started to receive payments directly from end users, and another is that we now have a marketing department. We established the marketing department and receive feedback from the local market. The company also sent experts abroad to Nigeria, Iraq, and Turkmenistan to see what exactly what is in demand.

Farokh Shariat

Managing Director, Farokh Shariat

We have been successful in the air conditioning and cooling industry for a few reasons. First and foremost, we choose the right materials to produce with. Before 2000, when ISI was established, Iran Khodro used to buy its components from Sanden in Japan. It was paying double what it is paying now due to import tariffs. When we entered the market, Iran Khodro started buying from ISI because we offer the same components at one-third of the price. We bring in a lot of new technology through foreign partnerships, which I believe is good for the country. Technology is the second key to our success. Our products are made by Iranians, for Iranians. ISI has also created many job opportunities in the country. We are here to act as mediators and our foreign partners are really satisfied with us and very happy to invest in the country. Iran has a population of nearly 80 million people and 70% of the population is under the age of 30. A young country demands automobiles, so it is a huge market. We spend 30% of our budget on training and R&D as we are committed to bringing the latest technology and standards to the country. The quality of our compressors is very high—they are unrivalled in the region. ISI strives to keep up with the latest compressor technology, as it is at the heart of ISI’s air-conditioning systems.



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