Feb. 24, 2020

Bibiana Rojas


Bibiana Rojas

Country Manager, Canopy Growth

“I look forward to a time when people can look back and consider Mexico and Colombia's success cases.”


Bibiana Rojas is Country Manager of Canopy Growth.

What is coming for product development in Colombia?

In 2019, our farm operations advanced in support of genetics registration and an initial commercial crop. Furthermore, we signed an agreement with Procaps, supporting our objective of producing high-quality goods to serve the regional market. Globally, we have been heavily focused on R&D and education. One of our key pillars is quality, which starts with raw materials and standardized genetics. The second pillar is science; we are engaged in 15 clinical studies with people around the globe, as well as four clinical studies with animals. Our third pillar is experience; Canopy has been in the cannabis industry for five years, and it has over 100,000 patients.

The company has invested USD100 million to meet the medical demand of countries in Latin America. What are your ambitions for 2020?

A major part is completing construction at our facility, including for the greenhouses and construction plants. The extraction capacity will be significantly larger to ensure we can cover the supply for Latin America for the next five years. It starts with doctors, patients, and the community. We are going to conferences and congresses and helping develop specialized courses for doctors. In every Latin American country, we are working with universities such as the National University of Colombia, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Peru, the University of Concepción in Chile, the University of Buenos Aires, the University of Panama, and the University of São Paulo. In every country, we have sought to form partnerships with the largest possible university because this is the standard that we will bring. I look forward to a time when people can look back and consider Mexico and Colombia's success cases: countries that lived a sad and violent past and ended up becoming leaders in creating wellness and jobs.