Mar. 3, 2019

Abolghasem Rahmani


Abolghasem Rahmani

Managing Director, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC)

IOEC seeks to export its human resource and industrial expertise and participate in international projects beyond Iran's shores.


Abolghasem Rahmani holds a bachelor’s in civil engineering and has worked in different positions in the construction and energy sectors since 1980. He has been managing director of the IOEC since 2013. Prior to his current position, he served as a member of the Iranian parliament between 2008 and 2012. Over the years, he has also completed many infrastructure projects for Iran’s Ministry of Energy.

What are some of IOEC's technical and engineering capabilities in the area of offshore oil-related construction?

As one of the largest offshore companies in the Middle East, IOEC has been working on the design, engineering, and construction of offshore projects for over 25 years. With many completed and ongoing jobs in Iran and a number of international offshore projects in countries such as India, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Nigeria, Venezuela, and others, we have the upper hand in Iran's offshore oil. We completed the construction work of the South Pars project in eight phases, including laying transport pipelines. We are also a well-known EPC company in the Middle East. In terms of engineering, IOEC designs transport pipelines and offshore platforms. In addition to many engineering projects in Iran, we also completed the engineering of Iran-Oman pipe laying project about two years ago. IOEC can lay 3-4km of offshore pipeline per day. Furthermore, we have the largest pipe coating factory in Iran, whose capacity exceeds 3.5km per day. Some of IOEC's latest fields of development constitute E&P activities, maintenance, and asset integrity management (AIM), as well as renewable energy-related works. IOEC was successfully selected as one of the 18 companies authorized to carry out E&P projects in Iran's oil and gas fields. For the next step we seek to participate in international projects in the abovementioned fields. IOEC has extended its substructures and capacities by procuring the required knowledge, assets, and machineries.

Which of your projects in recent years have been of national or international significance?

Almost all of our projects are significant in terms of project work volume and importance, given that the value of some of them is over USD1 billion. For example, the 12th, 19th, 20th, and 21st phases of the South Pars were all megaprojects in the true sense of the word, with more than USD1 billion spent on each. We have also managed to add approximately 200 million cbm per day to Iran's natural gas production, which is a truly remarkable feat by any standard. Being able to install equipment of up to 4,500 tons, IOEC has notable potentials in different areas, such as laying pipelines and erecting offshore platforms; we have served our neighboring countries in their time of need. In addition, we have carried out projects in the Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Qatar, Nigeria, and Oman.

How do you intend to expand your overseas presence?

Currently, because of falling oil prices, conditions are far from ideal for offshore companies almost everywhere in the world. Given the present financial circumstances, we are inclined to accept international projects, particularly in our neighboring countries. We are hopeful we will be chosen by Oman to construct a gas transport pipeline there soon. We have selected some countries as our main target markets, including Oman, India, Iraq, Qatar and Nigeria. We selected Oman as one of our major target markets as there are many opportunities in the energy market and strong diplomatic and political ties between Iran and Oman. There are more possibilities to work in this market. There are also several development projects that are set to be launched in the coming years in Oman, including oil and gas field development, renewable projects, pipe laying projects, petrochemical plant construction, and others, and we want to win the related tenders and gain our clients' trust in Oman. According to IOEC's slogan “We make difficult look easy," and we completely believe in our capabilities and abilities to complete a project in a timely and professional manner. At the moment, we are in the middle of negotiations for more overseas projects to enter new frontiers. Having the most professional and qualified human resource is our main competitive advantage, and our most important purpose is to satisfy our customers by providing the best solutions and fulfilling our responsibilities in a timely, appropriate, and efficient manner.