Jul. 30, 2020

Alberto Lederman


Alberto Lederman

President, Aranda Software

Aranda emerged from four people in an apartment who were developing a software.


Alberto Lederman studied economics and political sciences at Tel Aviv University. He was previously the manager of a Japanese distributor in Israel before moving to the US in 1990. On a business trip to Colombia, he encountered Aranda Inventory software and bought the software rights. In 2002, Aranda Software was born, offering solutions to manage technological infrastructure through high-standard software.

Why did you decide to invest in Aranda Software?
Aranda emerged from four people in an apartment who were developing a software. I saw an opportunity to develop something myself, so I joined other partners in Colombia and invested to develop a product. We are a self-funded company with 140 workers and a presence in 10 countries in Latin America. We were established in Colombia and have great performance in the region. We are a great example of what President Duque wants for Colombia in terms of non-traditional industries like software.

What value does Aranda Software provide?
We help the project manager. This software is for IT people to ensure all their systems and processes are aligned, like support, human resources, marketing, and financials. We also provide advance notifications on possible errors and have a software for field workers. For example, we have a system called Angeles Azules that can geographically locate homeless people to provide them with social benefits. We have such an agreement with a government agency. Now, we will develop a program with Randstad that will implement our software. We are focused on banking and finance, government, and education, which represent 60% of our revenue.

What is your main business and product?
Our main product is the so-called help desk, a customer service for people with technical problems or any issue related to internal processes. This service desk works like a business process automation. We automatize processes used in many technologies, including accounting, marketing, and human resources, many of which AI and machine learning are extremely helpful with. We also have a program with Redeban, a company that attends to nearly 200,000 points of sale in Colombia and has 700 field workers. This field service software is useful for companies to manage their workers, but is a flexible program that can also help homeless people or technicians in the field. There are many segments that can be serviced, such as health, insurance, and telecommunications.