The Business Year

Alejandro Hernández

Director General, Sferea

My business partner and I established Sferea eight years ago. When we started, we were trying to develop video games for consoles—an ambitious goal. We started doing advert gaming, which is a mixture between games and advertising and worked with Grey Group, an international marketing agency. We also created some video games with Hasbro, one of our first customers. The problem with this type of work for marketing agencies is that their budgets are very limited. Then, we worked with Televisa making mobile games for subscribers based on telenovelas. We switched from the video game to the mobile market. We also began creating games in partnership with some global brands.

Sergio Cruz

Director General, Elotevisual Digital Publishing Web & Design

Elotevisual was created over 14 years ago. I was living in Granada, Spain, and working for a design agency, and clients would occasionally ask me for my business card to do freelance work. I designed some business cards that only bore my name, before thinking I should create a name for my business so that people could recognize me even if doing freelancing. That is when Elotevisual came into being. In Spain, I gave this name a slogan: Elotevisual—designs with Mexican taste, which is representative of my work. I came back to Mexico in 2002 and it was here that I started to polish this idea. We work mainly with the pharmaceutical industry, with companies such as Takeda, AstraZeneca, Abbot, Pfizer, Sanofi, Farmasa Schwabe, and Novo Nordisk. We have also worked with other clients from different industries, such as Cinemex, Cinepolis, Bombardier, and Herdez. We have been trying to diversify our work since some clients categorize us as a pharmaceutical design company, a label we want to avoid.

Ricardo Arriaga

CEO, Ricardo Arriaga

I founded Ironbit with three other partners in 2005. We started working with customized systems for our clients. In 2007, we shifted our focus to new technologies, starting with mobile applications. BlackBerry was our best partner at the time. We developed mobile applications for them. We were developing mobile applications even before the first iPhone was launched on the market. We worked with Android and iOS and moved with the market. In 2009, we got involved in another new technology called cloud computing, which is now commonplace. We worked on the first implementation in Latin America for Microsoft’s Windows Azure, which is their cloud computing platform technology. We started to grow rapidly, almost 30% YoY, covering these new technologies for numerous corporations in Mexico.

Alejandro Quintana Osuna

CEO, Tr3sco

Istarted working at Procter & Gamble in the statistics area for its market research and consumer knowledge department. I left Procter & Gamble but continued as a consultant. I had a partner who was excellent with computers and at programming, and the two of us were focused on business and statistical models. We stopped working with Procter & Gamble at one point due to budget cuts. Since we had a lot of spare time, we started developing mobile applications, making some for Palm, Nokia, and Blackberry, including Java-based Blackberries. We hit gold in 2008 when the iPhone came onto the market. We were the only ones developing applications here. We developed the first two Mexican applications for the app store, which were El Universal and Milenio, two very important newspapers in Mexico. By then, we already had Procter & Gamble and El Universal in our portfolio. Other interested companies started to contact us. We started developing apps for media and content delivery applications, and did work for some of the most important media companies in Mexico.



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