Mar. 9, 2020

Ángel Paul Proaño


Ángel Paul Proaño

Director of Sales and Marketing, Western States

“We have a 24-hour emergency hotline for parts and service to support our customers.”


Ángel Paul Proaño is the Director of Sales & Marketing of Western States. With a degree in business Administration and Management, he has a background of sales, management, global quality techniques, and political knowledge. His extensive experience and knowledge have allowed him to advance with opportunities to hold positions such as general manager, sales manager, and executive director in US and foreign companies.

With more than 102 years of experience, how do you evaluate the company's main accomplishments so far? And how do you plan to keep innovating in the centrifugal technology?

Western States' main accomplishment is the installation, upkeep and product development of over 6,000 centrifuges worldwide. Though not all machines are still operating today for various reasons, Western States has long been a proponent to never obsolete a machine and is committed to providing service and support to each machine in operation today. Western States continues to innovate our centrifuges to provide the most technologically advanced machines with the greatest separation and throughput capabilities to produce the highest quality product– no matter the industry.

Which are your main countries of operations and where are you expecting to expand them? What's potential does Western States see in the Latin America Cannabis Industry?

The United States is our main country of operations for sugar, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis Industry. However, we have a strong position with more than 6,000 centrifuges installed across North America, South and Central America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Our established presence in Latin America for Western States keeps us poised and ready to provide centrifuges for the cannabis industry in those country. There is a huge potential for companies to benefit from Western States in the Cannabis Industry in Latin America as we provide quality centrifuges to meet the high demand of separation needs because of our presence and experience in those countries for other industries.

How are you making sure to provide the best part, rebuilds and upgrade services for cannabis centrifuge system? What is further down the road in terms of services?

Western States is committed to providing only original high-quality parts and the best solution for rebuilds and modernizations of all our centrifuges. We have a 24-hour emergency hotline for parts and service to support our customers. The ability to stock parts on site gives us the opportunity to provide immediate shipment and our already established international logistics department is knowledgeable in customs procedures and document preparation to get our parts anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we have dedicated service engineers trained in both mechanical and electrical problem-solving who are available for factory visits and inspections in as little as 24 hours.

How have innovation and the investment in R&D been strategic to stay up to date in the industries you serve?

Innovation is fundamental for Western States. Our skilled engineers continually strive to improve our products based on customer expectations and needs. With technology evolving every day, our centrifuges are designed to provide maximum performance and maximum reliability while incorporating new programming, monitoring capabilities, and safety features. Western States is committed to testing different solutions for new projects and has a partnership with leading engineering company in the cannabis space.

What is the impact that the growth of the medical cannabis business in America will generate for the commercialization of your products and services?

Though centrifuge separation and extraction has been around for over a hundred years, it is a newer endeavor in the cannabis extraction industry. As companies are looking to find solutions to meet a high production demand with the most recovered oils and liquids, they will be looking for an expert in the field. This industry has given Western States the opportunity to examine how our centrifuges handle Biomass Materials and have allowed us to enhance our already effective designs even further to meet this specific plant material.

How does Western States centrifuge technology generate added value to the medical cannabis industry? What's Western States' competitive edge?

Well-known for high-quality centrifuges, Western States' industrial centrifuges are essential to extract all oils and dry biomass. When centrifuges are operated as a filtering, they can remove most if not all the unbound moisture without the need for thermal processing to deliver a cost-effective and dependable method of separating solids and liquids for medium to full scale production.

What potential do you see in complementary cannabis sub-markets such as cannabis infused beverages, hemp-based Oils, cosmetic products or other?

As the world becomes more receptive to the potentials for cannabinoids and their benefits to the Endocannabinoid System in humans and in animals, the sub-markets to the cannabis industry are set to explode! CBD and hemp-based products have been shown to reduce a wide-range of ailments from stress related anxiety all the way to relieving epileptic episodes. People are interested in learning the long-term effects of ingesting CBD through various methods–be it tinctures, edibles, and oils. The more high-quality products available to the consumer–the better for the industry to receive approval and acceptance. Getting these products produced safely and legally is paramount to the success of the cannabis industry.

What is your outlook for Western States in the 2020?

Western States continues to advance and to innovate centrifugal technology with state-of-the-art engineering and design as it expands its footprint into the cannabis industry. Along with our foundational principles established in 1917–distinguished service, unprecedented quality, and cultivating relationships.