Jan. 10, 2020

Amr Kallini


Amr Kallini

General Manager, Mövenpick Hotel Casablanca

“There is plenty of new hotel construction in Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Tangiers.”


Amr Kallini is General Manager of Mövenpick Hotel Casablanca.

What is your assessment of the tourism sector and of the hotel market in Morocco?

The tourism sector in Morocco is under development. We have Marrakesh, a destination that has been chosen among the best 10 worldwide. There are also new areas such as Taghzout and Dakhla, which are gaining momentum quickly. There is plenty of new hotel construction in Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Tangiers.

How does the beginning of 2018 compare to last year's results, and what has changed in North Africa's tourist trends?

The first five months of 2019 were good for Marrakesh, Agadir, and Rabat, but it slowed down toward the third quarter. Casablanca has started below last year. Growth has slowed mainly due to the new openings and the slow economy performance in all sectors such as real estate, agriculture, and others.

What are the biggest challenges in the sector that Mövenpick Hotel Casablanca has successfully overcome to maintain its position within the hotel industry?

The biggest challenge is to continue to update the property to meet the demanding requirements of customers and keep in close contact with guests to understand their needs.

Serving both business and leisure travelers, how do you position Mövenpick Hotel within the hospitality market?

Mövenpick Casablanca is oriented toward business travelers during weekdays, with a daily presence of local seminars. Over weekends and during the summer, we host the leisure segment in addition to several airline crews as well.

What are your unique offerings? How can people utilize your premises for business or special events?

Mövenpick Casablanca has a unique location, centrally located between the headquarters of the major banks and next to the head office of major multinationals. We are close to shops and cafes with an amazing sky bar rooftop with a pool.

How are increasing innovations in technology, specifically AI, affecting the hospitality industry and your operations?

We have succeeded in acquiring the latest technology in Wi-Fi and internet-enabled television. We are working on putting an iPad in each room. You can use your iPad to order room service, manage the lighting in your room, and operate your TV.

What is your outlook for 2020?

With new openings in Morocco, and especially in Casablanca, we expect that the competition will be furious. 2020 will definitely give plenty of choices for the guest at very competitive rates. Each hotel will need to concentrate on updating their infrastructure to concentrate on guest satisfaction to retain their loyalty.