Jul. 12, 2021

AlNoubay Al-Marri


AlNoubay Al-Marri

CEO, Widam Food


Al Noubay Al Marri, CEO of Widam Food Company, has a career that spans logistics, supply chain, and general management roles for nearly 20 years in Qatar. Previously, he worked as general manager for Hassad Qatar, in which he advanced through a series of fast-tracked promotions due to his significant leadership in logistics and supply chain. Al Noubay began his career as a logistics specialist with Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) in 2002. He earned a bachelor of arts in logistics and supply chain management, graduating with honors from Northumbria University. He also holds an MBA from Newcastle Business School in the UK.

What is Widam Food's main contribution to the success of Qatar's National Food Security Program?

Widam is Qatar's leading meat provider; we supply meat products for the local market from over 45 countries around the world. We recently expanded our network to include more reliable meat suppliers to create a solid supply chain and ensure sustainable meat supply. Moreover, we have managed to build an adequate stock from livestock and frozen products, ready to be supplied to the market, in the event of any crisis or shortage.

What are the main priorities for 2021 at Widam?

We always strive to support the country in achieving self-sufficiency as well as meet all our customers' demands. Hence, we are expanding and revamping our local operations, by opening several state-of-the-art butcheries and slaughterhouses around the country following the highest standards. Moreover, we are expanding and diversifying our product range within the meat industry, and actively ensuring that all supplied products are in line with the country's health and safety regulations.

How is Widam Food adapting to an increasingly number of digital consumers in Qatar, and how was this shaped by the pandemic?

Technology is an essential element in everyone's daily life. In 2020, we revamped our very own mobile application, which rapidly become one of the best channels for selling our products. Likewise, we regularly improve our internal processes using the latest technological practices.