Jul. 27, 2020

Aiham Bader

UAE, Dubai

Aiham Bader

Founder & CEO, Click Aviation Network

Dubai-based companies, in any industry, have a certain level of credibility.


Aiham Bader is the founder & CEO of Click Aviation Network. With more than 10 years of experience across various sectors of the aviation world, Bader took his initial concept and transformed Click Aviation Network into a vital resource for charter brokers, operators, and suppliers around the world. He also established the Click Omega Platform, an innovative solution for all aviation-related needs. Recently, Click expanded its operations further through the opening of an office in Florida and the acquisition of CharterPad, one of the largest charter platforms in the world.

What are the unique features of Click's Omega platform?
Omega is a platform connecting all types of aviation companies, mainly private jets. We wanted to create networking opportunities for all stakeholders, including travelers looking for private jets and private jet operators looking for suppliers, and sometimes intermediate companies, to support their trips. At Click Aviation Network, we have a unique perspective and experience in this field, so we bring our expertise to create a better user experience and promote private jet traveling. There is a lack of awareness about the availability, affordability, and benefits of private jet travel. At Click, we wanted to have this platform available for people to not only use it for booking flights but also to educate them about options beyond commercial airlines and the charter jets.

Are you promoting these alternative forms of travel to the end consumer or to charter brokers?
Charter brokers work with us. They provide the services to the end users. We focus on the B2B space. By supporting charter brokers and customers, we can bring more travelers into the industry. Through the Omega platform, charter brokers can access flight and route availabilities across operators to find flights that best match the client's needs. Recently, we acquired the largest charter platform application in the US. We are now taking this concept worldwide. We have already started in Europe.

What are the opportunities created by Dubai's aviation hub?
Dubai-based companies, in any industry, have a certain level of credibility. Dubai is the regional aviation hub for Africa and the Middle East. People are willing to live and work here. This is the strong factor that is making Dubai a hub, and we are happy to be a part of the aviation hub.