Oct. 1, 2020

Fatiu Akiolu


Fatiu Akiolu

Managing Director & CEO, Regno Media

Regno Media's digital out-of-home advertising has helped it fulfill current customers' advertising demands and attract new clients


Fatiu Akiolu holds a BSc in business and finance and an MSc in international business and management from De Montfort University Leicester in the UK. He is also an associate member of the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria (APCON). He has over 10 years of experience in out-of-home advertising. Since establishing Regno Media Limited, Akiolu has successfully stayed ahead of the competition by developing innovative strategies to improve service delivery and consistency in delivering bespoke services to its client base. He also sits on the board of various blue-chip companies.

What strategies is Regno Media carrying out in order to stay ahead of competition?
Regno Media's strategy to stay ahead of competition is a targeted yet passionate approach that encompasses a combination of factors such as research, excellent customer relations management, and timely service delivery. Our passion for advertising dictates innovations in the technology we deploy, our relationship management style, and our market intelligence approach, all with the aim of ensuring our customers' maximum satisfaction.

How has Nigeria's digital wave affected Regno Media, particularly through its LED screen and digital billboards, and which of your platforms are currently most on demand?
The digital economy has helped to raise the bar in the digital out-of-home advertising industry. Regno Media is not left out in the competition, as it has a reasonable number of both digital and static billboards in strategic locations that are much sought after. Demand for both platforms have been high. While our static boards can only accommodate one brand at a time, our digital boards have allowed us to accommodate multiple brands and increase revenues at the same time.

What added value specific to Regno Media do you provide to your clients, and how do you maintain your loyal customer base?
We provide our clients with advisory services and suggest strategic locations that delivers their messages to their audience. We provide efficient delivery services at competitive prices without compromising on the quality of work that we deliver. With all this on offer, our existing customers have remained loyal, and we have seen a steady increase in new clients.

Between 2018 and 2020, advertising dollars in Nigeria has grown and is devoted to TV and video promotion. What opportunities does this present to businesses like Regno Media?
The perceived rise in TV and video promotion dollar spends can be complemented and made more effective by leveraging other platforms such as social media, out-of-home media, and so on, thereby creating opportunities for Regno Media in the out-of-home industry.

What are your expectations and key priorities for 2020?
We have begun to see a gradual increase in spending in the economy. Businesses are again turning their focus to marketing and are increasing their budgets for this. We expect there to be an increase in revenue and hoardings in 2020. The company's priorities are to work in tandem with our existing customers in order to better serve them and gather market intelligence in order to convert our prospects with ease.