Feb. 1, 2015

HE Enrique Peña Nieto


HE Enrique Peña Nieto

President, Mexico


Enrique Peña Nieto holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from Universidad Panamericana and a Master’s degree in Business from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Early in his career he held a number of positions within the State of Mexico’s government, including Sub-Secretary of the Interior, Administrative Secretary, President of the Directive Council of Social Security, President of the Internal Council of Health, and Vice-President of the National System for Integral Family Development. In 2003 he won election as a State Deputy in his hometown of Atlacomulco. In 2005 he became Governor of the State of Mexico. He was sworn in as President of Mexico on December 1, 2012.

My recent visit to Ecuador, without a doubt, was extremely significant, considering that it has been 10 years since a Mexican President last visited that nation. It was therefore, a great honor to visit our sister republic in order to reaffirm the desire of both governments to deepen our relationship. A relationship that can hopefully serve as a basis for cooperation, trade, the strengthening of our economies, an increased flow of citizens between the two countries, and above all, of sharing diverse experiences of success, which can allow us to truly strengthen the development of our peoples and prepare them to be part of the demanding and competitive globalized world.

During my visit to Ecuador, President Correa and I expressed the desire of both governments to work towards all goals agreed upon in various memorandums of understanding and agreements, in cooperation and collaboration toward a range of objectives. Our target is a broadening of our commercial relations in order to achieve a greater equilibrium in the trade balance between the two countries and to secure the strong support and cooperation of our countries' educational institutions with the Yachay City of Knowledge.

Additionally, we aim to build the technical cooperation of the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission with electrical generation projects being developed in Ecuador. We also agreed to create a worthy space for the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which could not boast a grander headquarters, and which has the potential to become a cultural space delegated to the Cultural Economic Fund, which fosters still closer cultural links between Ecuador and Mexico.

The goals that President Correa and I agreed on during my visit are more than good intentions; they are real objectives for our two countries. Beyond discussing our mutual relations, we have set tangible goals that can bring real benefits and results for the harmonious relationship between our two countries. In Mexico, we have been working to rise above the fundamental challenges that the world is facing. We have pushed forward structural reforms to energize our economy and to achieve better economic performance on which to base social development for the inhabitants of our country. Ecuador, without a doubt, has been doing the same.

Ecuador has seen sustained economic growth over recent years, having promoted inspirational social policies that are, without a doubt, reaching segments of the population that previously had no support. Mexico is doing the same. What we are doing in Mexico is very similar to what Ecuador is trying to achieve. Mexico, and the administration which I have the honor to lead, has set five main national goals, oriented at national security. As a result, today we see a Mexican State of greater capacity and strength. We have detained many high profile individuals from various criminal organizations precisely because we have been strengthening the capacity of the Mexican government through greater coordination between different levels of government.

Another major objective that we share with Ecuador is education. We cannot hope to be a more developed society with greater opportunities for our people if we cannot spark greater abilities and capacities among new generations. As such, Mexico is pushing forward education reform, not only to achieve wider coverage, but more importantly to improve the quality of education being provided.

We have worked toward making Mexico more inclusive, through different social programs, and without a doubt, those that Ecuador has implemented have become a key benchmark for what we can achieve through the social policies that our government is implementing in Mexico. A prosperous Mexico, which is our goal in assuring that Mexico grows economically and sustainably, can provide conditions for enhanced development. This, again, is an objective that we wholeheartedly share with Ecuador.

A further goal is to transform Mexico into a responsible global actor. It was for precisely this reason that I visited Ecuador earlier in 2014. Primarily, to reaffirm Mexico's Latin American identity, and then to reaffirm the links of brotherhood and respect that Mexico has, and maintains, with all of the people of the Latin American region. I believe that we have successfully conveyed this sentiment on many platforms and forums.

I therefore pledge that the goals that President Correa and I set out during my visit will be realized to the fullest extent, helping to strengthen and broaden the relationship of affection and brotherhood between Ecuador and Mexico.

Extracted from a speech given following the visit of President Nieto to Ecuador on March 10, 2014.