Oct. 2, 2019

Yelitza Amador


Yelitza Amador

Executive Secretary, APOJUEGOS


The executive secretary of APOJUEGOS, Yelitza Amador has nine years of experience in the gaming industry. Having occupied positions in the field of marketing management and corporate communications, she obtained a suitability certify from the highest regulatory authority in Panama, the Games Control Board. She also has over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and public relations in both client and agency sides.

What is the main role of APOJUEGOS in the country?

APOJUEGOS is a guild of the gaming industry that watches over the development of this important sector of the country, promoting responsible gaming and being a key interlocutor that defends and promotes the industry.

What are main strategies to strengthen the sector in Panama?

All industries are working on efficiency as technology is still developing, growing, and improving. Companies from all sectors are also focused on improving customer service to give consumers the best experience. This industry is about service. If you want to play in other countries, you can do it on tablet, PC, or cellphone, wherever you want, though nothing compares to being in the casino, because it is all about experience. We have to give them not only a place to go, but an experience to enjoy.

How will APOJUEGOS help bring more tourism to Panama?

In Panama, tourism is essential. We are a country mainly of services, and tourism is a key part of our economy. Bringing more tourism to Panama will help all sectors, and Panama's well-founded casino industry offers tourists the best casinos in the region with a wide offering of gambling.

What positive impact does the industry have on the country?

We can name a number of benefits starting with thousands of employees who work directly in the industry, hiring Panamanian musicians and artists to perform in the casinos, and sponsoring sporting and cultural events. In addition are all the business partners who benefit from our activity, not to mention the millions that go into the state's coffers in the form of taxes.

What are your main goals for 2019?

We need to strengthen the position of the sector and its relationship with the government. That will require accompanying all the initiatives as a team to identify the right opportunities to develop the sector even more. In line with the country's priorities, we also need to foster relations with the hospitality and tourism sector, as we are the ones promoting entertainment in the country.