Nigeria - Energy Sector


Nigeria - Energy Sector

This quarter, TBY Intelligence looks at:

-Petroleum Industry Governance Bill
-Anxiety over Total's Engina development
-Dangote's new solar park
-The long-lasting effects of diminishing oil reserves

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Nigeria is making the news this quarter for its efforts to better monetize the high quality gas in its field, so this quarter our analysis centers around the National Gas Flaring Commercialization Program. TBY Intelligence also focuses on the opportunities coming with the Abuja-Kaduna-Kano pipeline and the Odidi-Warri pipeline, and look at the evolution of greater funding mechanisms, in particular for green projects and small energy companies ambitious enough to implement green energy solutions in Nigeria.


This quarter, TBY has interviewed a diverse range of companies, and unlike in most markets the majority of our interviewees represent indigenous companies. This quarter we share our interviewees' thoughts on the future of access to finance for Nigeria's indigenous oil and gas companies, the prevalence of aging assets, and strategies for diversification of services, as well as review what our interviewees make of legislators' attempts to eliminate gas flaring.


This quarter we are focusing on three unsung heroes of Nigeria's energy revolution. We take a look at the individual behind the commercialization of Nigeria's gas resources, as well as introduce subscribers to the woman who will take charge of one of the most exciting energy bonds the continent has seen, and finally we look at a man keen to boost Nigeria's refining capacity and add value to Nigeria's oil and gas sector.


Nigeria's power sector is in need of fresh blood and innovative ideas to improve the longstanding power deficit. That is why this quarter TBY Intelligence is highlighting three energy players that are finding alternative solutions to Nigeria's power woes. The three energy companies highlight the gaping need for bankable power generation solutions, and all solutions, if they accomplish their aims, big and small, are welcome.


This quarter we provide subscribers with a list of all of over 100 companies operating in Nigeria's energy sector, both local and international. After half a decade interviewing IOC and local energy companies in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and beyond, our database includes both key and more minor players, and provides subscribers with useful information about the business leaders as well as a brief introduction to the company's operations in Nigeria.