Middle East package


Middle East package

This package includes six of our middle eastern bundles, covering the developments within Iran's recently unbridled capital markets, the top 3 performing sectors in the region's largest economy, Saudi Arabia, progress and developments in the GCC's green initiatives, as well as coverage of the UAE's healthcare sector, the most dynamic healthcare sector in the region.

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GCC - Green Economy

An unexpected driver of the globe's green economic activity, the GCC is incorporating a number of energy efficient solutions and incentives into infrastructural programs, with the UAE and a few private actors leading the way.

Iran - Capital Markets

While shoring up diversified operations in pursuit of liquidity, the Tehran Stock Exchange faces new headwinds this quarter. TBY Intelligence examines the sector's efforts to increase transparency and leverage goodwill following the JCPOA into financial gains.

Saudi Arabia - Healthcare

As the population grows the Saudi Arabian government looks to shift responsibility to the private sector, encouraging new investment to help lift standards through the build-lease-operate-transfer scheme. But with steep costs and shrinking budgets the industry is not for the faint-hearted.

Saudi Arabia - Petrochemicals

For years the Saudi Arabian petrochemicals sector has focused on basic value proposition products, but it is now utilizing existing facilities to expand its portfolio of products. With support from the Saudi Industries Development Fund, many are looking to push further downstream and create more specialized products and enhance their bottom lines.

Saudi Arabia - Transport

The Kingdom is making sustained efforts to become an international logistics hub connecting three continents, with extensive rail networks under construction. Efforts to ease congestion and better manage the sector are yielding new organizational structures and initiatives that aim to be the foundation of the sector moving forward.

UAE - Healthcare

The scale of lifestyle diseases in the Emirates is creating social stress as well as a well-funded appetite for solutions. With a new insurance law in place for some of the Emirates, others are grappling with how to ensure equal standards of coverage across all corners of the country.