Energy package


Energy package

Colombia and Nigeria have had their fair share of problems, and with large resources to match their growing economies, the pressure is on to ensure that the country's energy sector delivers revenue and power to the national economies.

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Colombia - Energy Sector

With 2017 over, TBY Intelligence sheds some light on the energy sector's disappointing performance. Our report covers the underwhelming levels of investment in Colombia's oil and gas sector over 2017, and examines why the sector is unattractive, and what, if anything Colombia's government plans to do anything ahead of elections. At the same time, we note a glimmer of hope in the renewable sector with a growing number of financing opportunities for green energy producers. As always, this quarter's report incorporates the views of business leaders on the ground, and highlights individuals and companies that should be on the radar of anyone with a stake in Colombia's energy sector.

Nigeria - Energy Sector

2017 has been a turbulent year for Nigeria's energy sector. With slow progress on the Petroleum Industries Bill, other news stories such as the National Gas Flaring Commercialization Program and the approval of budget for two large pipelines are on the minds of our interviewees. This quarter's report goes beyond the headlines, and incorporates the topics that top the agendas of Nigeria's main NOCs. For them, the end to gas flaring, the crackdown on corruption, and the development of a supportive banking sector will be key for anyone with a stake in Nigeria's energy sector.