Middle East package


Middle East package

This package includes six of our middle eastern bundles, covering the developments within Iran's recently unbridled capital markets, the top 3 performing sectors in the region's largest economy, Saudi Arabia, progress and developments in the GCC's green initiatives, as well as coverage of the UAE's healthcare sector, the most dynamic healthcare sector in the region.


GCC - Green Economy

This quarter, TBY Intelligence looks at:
- Solar, nuclear and green-tech related breakthroughs
- Green construction in UAE and Saudi Arabia
- A focus on the Korean-UAE nuclear project

Iran - Capital Markets

While shoring up diversified operations in pursuit of liquidity, the Tehran Stock Exchange faces new headwinds this quarter. TBY Intelligence examines the sector's efforts to increase transparency and leverage goodwill following the JCPOA into financial gains.

Saudi Arabia - Healthcare

This quarter, TBY Intelligence looks at:
- Public and private sector campaigns to boost healthy lifestyles
- Digitalization and innovation in healthcare: IoT and AI-health investments
- Localized drug manufacturing to be boost to 40% by 2020

Saudi Arabia - Transport

This quarter, TBY Intelligence looks at:

- Infrastructure projects like Haramain Express and Jeddah Airport
- Road safety and women drivers impacting vehicle circulation
- UAE/Saudi Railway
- Egypt-Saudi transport links, in particular the Suez Canal

UAE - Healthcare

This quarter, TBY Intelligence looks at:
- Government health policy in the Year of Zayed
- The biggest players in health-tech
- The latest in pharma legislation