Indonesia 2018 | TOURISM | COLUMN

TBY talks to Evy Gozali , CEO, PT Sababay Industry, on the sector.

Evy Gozali

Could you tell us about the background of the vineyard and about empowering farmers?

Sababay is the brainchild of my mother. We decided to look into agriculture after a trip to Northern Bali in 2009, when we saw grapes along the road that no one was harvesting. After tasting them, we realized they were not the most edible, but got the idea to initiate wine production with integrated farming systems to improve the lives of farmers and allow them to produce good quality wines. After harvest, grape farmers can only sell their grapes at less than USD1/kg through seven middlemen before reaching the end user. This will change with direct trade and fair-trade principles. We love Indonesia and we want the world to get to know and love it too.

How do you see further growth of production?

With our winery, we create jobs, spur consumption from tourists, and show how beneficial it is to the national economy in terms of developing the local economy and living standards. When we do expand, we have 500 farmers waiting to join us, so we have the potential for scalability. Our wines are now in territories across Indonesia, and the rest, including Papua, will soon come.