TBY talks to Peter Mensah, Managing Director, Wella Investments, on the sector.

Peter Mensah

What have been some of the highlights since 2015?

A lot has happened in terms of government policies, which negatively affected our business and business in general, mainly due to taxes and other levies. However, on the whole, over the past two years, we have looked into other sectors of the economy and delved deeply into agro-business by manufacturing new industrial and agro-chemicals. We have also worked to shift our focus from China to Europe because Ghanaian businesses are exporting more than ever to Europe. In this case, we have to ensure our agrochemicals are environmentally friendly.

What are you planning to do to maintain strong growth?

We intend to continue to stay focused on what we are doing and ensure we expand gradually and sustainably. We are focused on Europe at the moment and have built excellent relationships with businesses in the Netherlands and Spain. In October 2017, we signed an MoU with a German company, Convena, that will help us in all forms of procurement from Europe to Ghana and other parts of Africa, including Tanzania, Guinea, and Mali. As far as industrial chemicals go, we recently got onboard with the gold producer Newmont Mining and AngloGold.