Ghana 2018 | ENERGY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Pragnesh Mishra, Country Manager, Abellon Clean Energy, on the sector.

Pragnesh Mishra

Can you give us an overview of your operations and business model?

Abellon is a young company that believes in developing innovative solutions in the domain of renewable fuels and clean energy. We are the only pellet manufacturing plant in West Africa, and we are also into solar, where we are trying to create more space by providing innovative solutions. After starting operations in 2009 in India, we came to Ghana in 2011, where we found a positive environment and everything we need for innovative clean energy solutions, including guidelines for Ghana to adopt biomass fuel. We are now looking to enter the entire Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) market from Ghana.

Why did Abellon decide to enter the Ghanaian market?

Abellon started looking here with respect to the export market for the wood pellet industry. We initially started our operations toward Europe as one of the largest consumers of pellets. Later, we realized the regional market also understood clean energy and there is a willingness to use fuel or green power.