As Qatar moves ever closer to becoming a knowledge-based economy, universities strive to equip students with relevant, up-to-date skills that are necessary to succeed.

Javaid I. Sheikh

Dean, Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM-Q)

WCM-Q offers some of the finest medical training to be found in the world, and we have made a conscious effort to ensure that along with the basics of healthcare, our students are also tech-savvy when it comes to the use of technology in diagnosis and treatment. To this end, we officially opened our new and refurbished Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab (CSSL), one of the most technologically advanced learning centers in the Middle East. In terms of emerging technologies, our medical faculty—both here and in New York—includes practicing physicians, so technological advances in their specialist areas are passed on to students through lectures and tutorials. Our students also have the chance to identify and develop new technologies and interventions themselves. The curriculum at WCM-Q is all encompassing and is designed to train doctors to provide medical treatment from the cradle to the grave. WCM-Q graduates world-class physicians who go on to some of the best residency courses in the world, providing treatment in all fields of medicine.

Dr. Donald N. Baker

Executive Dean, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar)

We have been in Qatar for over 20 years, cultivating the arts, igniting imagination, incubating innovation, and fostering the capacity for critical and creative thinking—and we are by no means at the end of our contributions to Qatari society. We provide arts- and design-oriented degree programs and activities that are not otherwise available in Qatar. In the process, we have contributed to the development of the lively artistic community here. Our nearly 650 graduates are engaged in careers in their fields or are applying their education in other ways in their personal and professional lives. We are aware that our students may need to create their own jobs and advise incoming students to take advantage of the opportunities we provide or other universities in Education City provide for developing entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial outlook. I have heard from members of the community how much they value the presence of VCUarts Qatar, and of how important they think it has been for the development of the artistic community in Qatar.

Dr. César Malavé

Dean, Texas A&M University at Qatar

Our university was approached by Qatar Foundation under the leadership of Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. Texas A&M has a strong engineering background, especially the petroleum engineering program, which is one of the top three in the US. In addition to petroleum engineering, we started offering chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as they are related disciplines. When we established the campus in 2003, we underlined three aspects that should be highly connected to the main campus: recruitment of faculty, the curriculum, and admission requirements. Since the beginning, we have worked to bring those areas up to the standards of the main campus. We are a branch campus and are much more connected to our main campus in Texas. Consequently, our students get a degree from the main campus. The same curriculum is offered, so a student can take courses here one semester and the next semester at the main campus. We have a study abroad exchange program and about 50% of our students go to the main campus in one year.

Dr. Nils Plambeck

Dean & CEO, HEC Paris in Qatar

HEC Paris, as one of the world's leading providers of executive education, places great emphasis on delivering a world-class quality education to its participants globally. We have been able to maintain the same quality across locations and we have a well-integrated organizational structure in place. Our renowned faculty fly-in to where our programs are delivered carrying with them extensive experience and expertise. This primarily ensures that the same quality education is being imparted at all delivered programs worldwide. Other factors, such as the admission criteria, are supervised by the HEC Paris main campus to maintain the diverse professional and cultural backgrounds of our high-caliber participants. We have a capable team in Qatar that exchanges regularly with the team in France. HEC Paris in Qatar develops custom-designed programs to tailor to organizations' specific needs. We set up a joint project team with representatives of the respective companies to co-design and develop the program.

Dr. Samuel Evans

Director, UCL

We are the only player specializing in library and museum-related studies; no other institution in Qatar offers any postgraduate degree in similar subjects. Our post-graduate students need to meet UCL's extremely stringent entry requirements, which allow us to attract some of the best students. According to one of the main global ranking agencies, UCL is a top-10 university globally, and we compete successfully with Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League colleges. We are not a government-sponsored institution; UCL works in Qatar in partnership with the Qatar Foundation and operates under its own academic regime. By coming to UCL, our students seek a prestigious UK stamp that will take them further. For now, the human talent we are helping to create should be focused on helping Qatar in the first instance. At the moment, many of our students will return to their home countries and will be immediately employable there.

Dr. Ivan Ninov

Executive Dean, Stenden University of Applied Sciences - Qatar

We provide many courses for the hospitality industry, a number of professional development programs, and executive education. We have conducted projects for Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Tourism Authority and have trained and certified all hotel concierges in Doha. We recently started a new course, an executive certificate in sports leadership, in conjunction with the University of South Carolina, the top sports management program in the US. Stenden Qatar is a Dutch university and is a joint venture between Al-Faisal Holding and NHL Stenden University in the Netherlands. We have a large number of programs in the Netherlands and might bring some of these programs to Qatar. These include maritime management, logistics management, and media and entertainment management. There are many opportunities here, and we are excited about our future. We have been operating here for 18 years and have been recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education since the beginning.

Dr. Ahmad M. Hasnah

President, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU)

From the outset, HBKU has acted as a catalyst for positive transformation in Qatar and the region, while also having a global impact. The main focus of all of our programs lies in assisting in the fulfillment of the nation's vision of transforming into a knowledge-based society. This entails a more inter- and multidisciplinary approach to education—one that places innovation and entrepreneurship at its fulcrum. We currently have five colleges and offer 26 programs covering a variety of subjects. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education programs are our primary focus, and that is what we offer to attract graduate students. We equip our students to become experts in their field and we provide them with in-depth knowledge, but we also encourage them to develop beyond that by offering a blended education system. We continuously work to expand the languages and courses offered at the center. Additionally, we focus on innovation and want our students to leave with a mindset of risk-taking entrepreneurship.