Canan M. Özsoy

President & CEO Turkey, General Electric

Turkey is one of the top countries to invest in. Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey are now known as MIST countries, and we have continued to expand our investments here. We recently made a public statement that we will invest $900 million in Turkey over the next three years. This is proof of how important Turkey is to us. The region that Turkey is a part of, the Middle East, is also strategically very important for GE's growth. The last few years have also allowed us to make more revenue outside of the US than inside the US. This is due to the growth dynamics of the world. Within this context, Turkey is, with its stability, economic growth, strategic geographic position, and growth potential in the region, a crucial country for GE and I am happy to be at the helm of my company in my own country.

Serra Akçaoğlu

General Manager, Citibank Turkey

Turkey is a very important country for global companies, including Citi. As a result of its geostrategic position, Turkey is a natural bridge between East and West. This is becoming even more important going forward. Being in Turkey grants access to 56 countries within a four-hour flight. It is a major trade and investment opportunity in the region. Turkey is a rising star due to its stable political environment, economy, and especially the banking industry, which is very strong. Turkey excels in many metrics. Its consumer loans-to-GDP ratio is positive, as is its young population. This all points to a bright future. Turkey opens up many opportunities for Citi elsewhere in the world as it is becoming a hub for many multinationals, including finance companies. It is also positive that talent is staying in Turkey instead of heading abroad for work.

Mehmet N. Erten

Chairman, Burgan Bank

The bank was established in 1989 and changed hands a few times before being acquired by Burgan Bank in 2012. The attraction to Turkey is that Burgan Bank is coming from a very rich and sound economy, but an economy with limitations on the growth perspective. Turkey opens the door to growth opportunities. GDP growth over a long period is high thanks to Turkey's vibrant local and domestic potential, as well as its potential to attract foreign demand; however, our foreign destination did change, switching from Europe to the MENA region. Burgan thought it was a country that promised large potential growth, and it has a banking industry that over the last global banking crisis showed a very robust performance. It did not deteriorate at all in its financial ratios, or its ability to support the economy as needed elsewhere, and therefore Burgan Bank found Turkey an attractive market and entered.

Olcayto YIğIt

General Manager, Vestas Turkey

Vestas has been the leading wind energy company since the beginning of the 1980s, when we first entered the Turkish market. Our expansion began in the early 2000s, when the wind industry began growing globally. As a company solely committed to wind energy, we pursued a role as a market maker, creating awareness through customers and other stakeholders, by always pursuing its vision to bring wind on par with oil and gas. That also coincided with the rise of interest in renewable energy in Turkey as a way to reduce energy imports. In 2006 the market began to expand, and two years later we reinforced our commitment to the country's energy agenda and our presence in the market by opening our local office.

Ali Faramawy

President, Microsoft Middle East & Africa

Turkey is a great example of a country that is emerging. Sometimes that term is used loosely, but it has been a phenomenal example of the desire to get better. They have a clear vision as a country from the leadership right down to the people in the streets. They want to get better and they are working hard, consistently. They have survived a number of challenges in the past and have decided to move forward fast and in an ambitious way. That is a great example for so many countries; not just in our region, but all over the world.

Reinhold Jakobi

CEO, Nestlé Turkey

Turkey is more than Istanbul, and we have to employ a regional approach. There are more and more people benefiting from the progress Turkey as a country is continuing to achieve. We are impressed by the government's vision and the direction given, with the goal of Turkey to become a top-10 global economy by 2023. As we are basically everywhere in the world, and our business is closely related to the GDP and population of a country, with Turkey aspiring to be a top-10 economy globally then this vision and aspiration is equally energizing for us at Nestlé Turkey.

Tolga Tanrıöver

General Manager, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)

IFF always had a keen interest in growing in emerging markets. As the per capita income of people in the emerging markets goes up, their buying power has dramatically changed. They go out more, they consume more, and they drink more. Turkey is one of the top potential countries among the emerging markets. Of course, given the growth rate you see here, the food industry is also growing and we want to continue to provide excellent support to our customers as they reach more and more consumers. All of this combined gives us a healthy performing food industry, to say the least.