Pablo Albuja

General Manager, Humana

In the past 15 years, since the moment Humana became part of the Grupo Conclina C.A., we have learned a lot and moved from being a company in the insurance sector to what we are today; an enterprise that operates in the health sector. We have implemented a successful strategy to provide high-quality health services to our clients and we now want to ensure that this relationship grows and becomes a true partnership. This means a new approach to the company's strategy, which is our main goal for the future. Also, we want to be an active part of the process to build a high-quality health system in the country through a network of clinics and hospitals. Being part of the most important health benefits group in the country, Conclina, to which Hospital Metropolitano also belongs, we know the importance of having strategic alliances with the best medical providers. Our aim is that our members receive timely medical services and are attended to with quality equipment and infrastructure.

Santiago Tarré Intriago

General Manager, Best Doctors

Ecuador is one of our more important markets right now. Best Doctors started its Latin American operations here in Ecuador. The country has a dynamic economy. We do our third highest volume of business in Ecuador, just behind Mexico and Venezuela. If we account for sales per capita, Ecuador is our most valuable market. During our six years of operations in Ecuador, we have experienced remarkable growth. Best Doctors is a Global company. Best Doctors has enjoyed a 30% average growth rate over the years. Even though we started operations in Ecuador six years ago, we only started commercializing our products a year and a half later. We are set to reach $20 million in sales, and we have experienced growth rates of 40% every year. These numbers have earned us the reputation as one of the leading companies in the country. The insurance culture is still in its first stages of development, and Ecuadoreans are just starting to realize the importance of insurance products. Right now, only around 15% of Ecuador's population has private health insurance. This figure is low, but it shows opportunities for growth in the Ecuadorean insurance market.

Leopoldo Baez Ayora

Managing Director, Bupa Ecuador

Insurance is certainly a growing market that is becoming more sophisticated. In general, that means that there are more products. Another indicator we are seeing is market consolidation. There are too many companies for the size of the market. Companies are merging, and international companies are buying local entities and consolidating them. This pattern is set to continue over the next few years, which is positive both for the industry, and the customer. Larger, consolidated companies are able to bring better products and services to the market. About seven or eight years ago, Bupa decided to continue its growth story in Latin America. It acquired several companies working in the insurance sector, and one of them, Amedex, had offices here in Ecuador. Latin America, and Ecuador in particular, fit Bupa's profile, as a developing market. We have invested in growing our business in this market, and strategically, the company has a long-term commitment. Bupa has a very aggressive growth plan, and we want to quadruple the size of the company within five years. That is a challenging, but achievable goal, and our corporate business is a key component in our efforts to achieve this.