Now that Colombia has issued exploration licenses, drilling for new resources will follow, leading to an increase in activity and a need for accompanying services.

Néstor Neira

Founder & CEO, FEEL Consulting

FEEL Consulting was ESTABLISHED in 2013 to provide consulting services for drilling engineering for different oil and gas operators. I started FEEL Consulting because the drilling market at the time was at its peak. There was a boom, and with the oil price above USD100, there was an opportunity in the market. FEEL is an acronym for fluid, environment, engineer, and logistics. The company has many experienced engineers and consultants who have worked all over Latin America, the Middle East, and beyond, although so far we maintain a focus on Ecuador and Colombia. We provide optimization services for our clients and a holistic drilling approach that helps them optimize their operations. We are experts in drilling fluids. In Colombia, drilling fluids expertise is interesting due to the geological characteristics of the country's basins. There is a great deal of engineering behind the fluids used by the operators to conduct their drilling activities. Our potential customers are all O&G operators with active drilling campaigns.

Jorge Iván Torres

President, Lupatech

We reorganized the company into two main divisions two years ago: surface production management (SPM), which is everything we do at the surface, such as well testing and early production facilities, among others services; and well production management (WPM), where we bring tools and technology into the country to help our clients improve well productivity. This split allows us to consolidate our portfolio of services and increase our participation in the market. In SPM, for instance, we have been able to help our new clients launch oil production in remote areas of Colombia. In WPM, we helped clients increase well productivity through wireline technologies and well stimulation. Developing technology is a major investment. We have to be realistic about how a company of our size and resources can be creative and have an innovative mindset in order to find these new technologies. We have been extremely successful based on our integrity and commitment to close solid and transparent agreements.

Ian Gordon

Country Manager, Noble Energy

We are pleased with our current portfolio in Colombia. The two blocks that we hold have many leads and potential for exploratory drilling. That said, we will always consider investment in other projects that may fit well into our global portfolio. Our success internationally has been in offshore projects, so we continue looking at offshore opportunities, mainly in the Caribbean. Our offshore activities will help strengthen Colombia's service sector, supply chain, and shore-based operations. As a safe and responsible operator with decades of both onshore and offshore experience, we can also play a leading role in strengthening environmental stewardship across the oil and gas sector. The purpose of Noble Energy is "Energizing the World, Bettering People's Lives." Fitting within that purpose is our strong commitment to communities where we live, work, and operate. If we make important, economically viable hydrocarbon discoveries, our projects will create jobs and require infrastructure investments that will have positive impacts in various parts of the nation.

Miguel Abud

CEO, Braserv Colombia

A drilling rig opens a hole for the client, and, at the end of this job, they remove the drilling rig and install a new rig. This is our rig—we complete the process with a surface pump. These rigs are extremely important to maintain the production of a country like Colombia and Ecopetrol with our workover rigs. We are a successful company and have trained 15 Colombians. Recovery service rigs can increase the reserves of the country and are known as enhanced oil recovery (EOR), which is the reason why we are here, since Colombia has huge demand for EOR. We brought in a different kind of equipment called fast move machinery. In Colombia, the majority of rigs in 2012 needed a crane to put on the truck to move from well to well. This can be dangerous, as a large crane is needed and had to be transported on a truck. When we arrived here, we brought fast-moving trucks to Colombia that reduced the mobilization time by 70-80%.

Ricardo Correa

BDM & Founder, C&CO Group

The group has been in Colombia for over 20 years, and we provide petro physics and geological services to the oil and gas industry. That was our first line of business, and we then integrated other services. We are the first to offer integrated services regarding core analysis and core services. We do not have a competitor in that field. We are the only company that does the entire spectrum. This is a plus for us and our clients. We save on human resources, expertise, and so on. We have done more than 40,000 feet of core in the entire country. We see a niche offshore in Colombia, and in analysis for non-conventionals. Right now, the government has approved the pilot projects for non-conventionals. There are six fracking projects that are approved, and those six projects will be underway for fracking as pilots. We have a strategic alliance with a US company called Premier Oilfields that we are working with for non-conventionals.

Mario Candela

Founder, Imantt

The Colombian market has an immediate need to improve its gas reserves. We are able to install at a faster pace than steel pipelines and at lower prices. We have some gas projects in Peru and Bolivia. In the unconventional hydrocarbon sector, flexible pipelines are more effective than traditional ones. They are more resistant to corrosion by chemicals, and logistically, it can even be transported via air. It can be installed in places or reach areas that steel pipelines cannot. There is a market that still installs steel pipelines, but most companies seek to migrate to flexible pipelines. People are understanding the advantages of this system. We are focused on crude and are commercializing a new line of products, which is the only pipeline for hydrogen generation. This allows us to become the first company to transport hydrogen in the market. We have used some of these pipelines to transport potable water in Indonesia but have not implemented it in Colombia yet.

Reinaldo Rodríguez

President, Masa Stork

In Latin America, we provide all of Stork's services. The client asset—throughout its whole life cycle—lies at the heart of everything we do. We make sure we keep industrial facilities running, allowing them to efficiently and sustainably. In Colombia and Peru, maintenance is our core business; nevertheless, we are looking into positioning ourselves as full integrated partners for operation and maintenance services and assemblies. We work in the mines of Cerrejón and Drummond, although our core expertise is in oil and gas. We have extensive experience in the power sector in Colombia and Peru and are moving our operations and maintenance services to renewable energy projects. Our capabilities in this sector continue to grow, as we not only leverage our expertise from Stork worldwide but Fluor as well. Our maintenance service is extremely specialized; we operate and maintain all types of facilities and most of the hydrocarbon pipeline structures in the country. This is an important part of our business.