Adnan Dalgakıran

Chairman, Turkish Machinery Promotion Group (TMPG)


The country has been very successful in the sectors that require more industrial labor. However, for the growth of the economy, we need to refocus on higher value-added sectors. In this regard, there have been major developments in the machinery sector in Turkey.


We are the leader in working with the government to develop Turkey's overall machinery strategy. Comparing our work to our budget, our program has been very effective because we made a significant impact with a relatively small amount of funding.


If developing countries are not capable of producing their own machines, their ability to compete at an international level is lowered. Turkey has a current account deficit problem, and the ability to produce our own machinery can help mitigate that.

Ender Çolak

General Manager, Baymak


The company started manufacturing basic boilers, steel boilers, and water boosters. In only 10 years, Baymak had become a huge success. In mid-2005, Baymak introduced the condensing boiler to the market.


We know the energy needs of the country, and that is why we believe in renewables. Two years ago, Baymak decided to produce photovoltaic products as a complementary product for the Baymak range . For this reason, Baymak's first focus is on thermal energy, especially for export.


In our industry, all products work with natural gas, which we import. If there is a change in the energy structure, these companies would adapt their products to the new era and we would have products that are more solar oriented. I believe that Baymak can adapt to the new era and there will be no risk for the company.

Tunç Doğan

General Manager, Hema Endüstri


Hema Endüstri manufactures hydraulic systems, drivetrains, and steering systems for all branches of the automotive industry, heavy construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. We established our metal foundry in 2009, which has been recognized as the cleanest foundry in the world.


Exports are very important, not only for Hema Endüstri, but also for Turkey. Currently, exports account for 60% of our business, and we export to 36 countries around the world.


Our target is to have a turnover of €2 billion by 2023 and be among Turkey's top-20 companies. We will achieve this goal by investing 18% of our turnover every year, which will result in a 30% increase in our employment. We also plan to expand our R&D operations by investing 7% of our turnover in R&D each year.