Ewan Cameron

CEO, Lonrho Hotels


Lonrho Hotels is committed to establishing luxury hotels in the high-growth areas of Africa, which we calculate as 28 destinations. Hotel Cardoso Maputo is a good example of what we expect. It has a mixture of food and beverage outlets, restaurants, a great lobby lounge area, high-speed internet, and a team of people who are equipped to deal with business needs.


In somewhere like Beira, we are likely to invest between $10 million and $15 million initially, but our growth model is extensively based on entering into long-term lease agreements with property owners. After, we will look into more schemes with other partners for further development.


We want to be a base camp for business travellers coming into Maputo. We want to offer connectivity and recommend local banks, legal and accounting practices, advertising agencies, and all of the necessities that doing business requires.

David Law

Managing Director, Barra Resorts


Over the years, we have had to develop a capacity to do everything ourselves. Today, we do all our own construction, IT work, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and logistics. We have structured ourselves to be self-reliant to a large extent.


An area of interest is the new legislation concerning periodical habitation, which paves the way for timeshares. The government has taken the best of everything around the world and introduced it here to protect everybody concerned. That has opened up a new avenue for us, which we have started to enter.


There is no doubt that Mozambique used to be a huge attraction for the South African market in the colonial days. Mozambique has that legacy of being a great destination, and I believe it is this that has carried us forward.

Rui Monteiro

Consultant, Rani Group


The tourism industry is shifting. Mozambique, in some publications, is cited as one of the top destinations in the world. In fact, in one magazine, it was in the top 10. However, there are many barriers that are preventing the country from developing as a luxury destination. Air access is one and infrastructure is another.


Other brands have been looking at Mozambique for the last five years. However, most of them are operators and need investors for them to enter the market. They have access to their own investors but they would like someone else to come to them and offer to invest as it gives the operators much more negotiating power.


One way is business hotels and I think that the middle market, such as two- to three-star hotels, is something that we will move outside of Maputo, which is where the demand will be. We need to find an operator that can deal with that kind of service, where you have comfortable hotels, with basic amenities that work such as water, TV, and internet.