Jose AgustIn Hernandez Galindo

President, Aldia Logística


All the new commercial agreements Colombia has signed with several countries are very advantageous and positive for the country, and the logistics sector will play a key role in developing them.


We are in the process of transforming our company from a simple logistics operator to a fourth-party logistics (4PL) company, which means becoming an integrator that assembles the resources, capabilities, and technology to design, build, and run comprehensive supply-chain solutions.


Currently, we operate around 11,000 trucks monthly, and there is plenty of room to increase this figure. In addition to that, I should stress that Aldia has a large storage capacity as well.

Camilo Angarita Barrientos

Andean Countries Manager, UPS


We are growing significantly and experiencing double-digit growth on a year-to-year basis. This is something that we are really satisfied with. We're seeing growth and we're feeling the economy's strength.


As a whole, the flower business is relevant for UPS. We have 10 planes leaving from Bogotá to Miami every week, and most of the freight that they carry is flowers.


There's plenty of technology being created by UPS that we can make available to our customers. Some of them already work with us, so that's a segment that we think is going to drive growth in the next few years.

Jorge Lavignasse

General Manager, DHL Express Colombia


In terms of imports, the US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is expected to reduce the time that it takes for items to clear customs. In terms of exports, we are seeing a good opportunity for Colombia to enter a huge new market.


DHL now has a very good direct connection to Venezuela and 24-hour transit time to Ecuador, Central America, and Miami. We are working to connect to New York in 24 hours.


In 2011, we transported 2.4 million shipments, and we expect to grow in 2013 by about 5%-7% in volume. We anticipate larger growth in terms of revenue, but in terms of volume we expect our shipment volumes to increased to 7%.

Andrés Carreño

President, Asopostal


We can divide services in the sector into three main categories: mail, parcels, and money orders. The latter segment has been driving the growth of the sector over the last few years, and today it plays a very important role in the sector's development.


We cover 98% of Colombia's territory, being the only sector with such a high level of geographic coverage at the national level. For example, all the associates together have an office network of more than 35,000 offices, meaning that our services are very efficient and effective.


At the moment, 14 out of the 21 companies are currently very active in the sector, and 13 of those companies are affiliated with us.