Monique El Grichi

Monique El Grichi

General Manager, Mosaik Communication
Zaidi Fouad

Zaidi Fouad

General Director, Barid Media
On the back of close cooperation with public authorities, Mosaïk Communication and Barid Media have helped Morocco reach the top-10 list of countries that have succeeded in achieving true digitalization.

How do you evaluate the PR and communications sector in Morocco?
MONIQUE EL GRICHI Ours is a dynamic sector, and despite a recession linked to the global crisis, it remains dynamic and quite structured. Indeed, we are much closer to a Western European model. We have many national and international clients such as Bank of Africa, Salafin, and Orange. The sector is rapidly changing due to digital communication; our clients ask themselves many questions about how to do business in today's market, and we accompany them in their digital transformation. The future of the sector is digital, yes, but the traditional media remains powerful. For example, the TV channel 2M reaches 10 to 15 million Moroccans daily.

How is Morocco's digital transformation progressing?
ZAIDI FOUAD We cannot digitalize our processes without having the proper regulations in place. In 2008, Morocco introduced Law 53.05 to ensure the same legislations for both digital and physical information. We used this law to become the first operator for digital and electronic signatures. On the back of this, we can create a mini digital platform to enable all citizens and companies to use digital government services. We need to train citizens and companies to go digital and also acquire their trust. The government has to launch programs and initiatives to explain to society how digitalization is a positive thing. We also need to hire young people because they have the ability to quickly adapt to digital systems.

Who are Mosaïk's key stakeholders?
MEG For 25 years now, we have been supporting all the major strategic sectors that are advancing Morocco and Africa in general. Today, we have the opportunity to accompany one of the leaders in terms of banking, Bank of Africa. In the transport sector, we accompany CTM, the Moroccan leader in land transport. We also accompany Royal Air Maroc, which has a true hub strategy. Today, Casablanca has become one of the most important African hubs and an African leader, and Royal Air Maroc has integrated with the One World association.

How do you make sure that your services are up to date?
ZF We are connected to many technology operators such as Big Blue, IBM, HP, Amazon, and Google. We use our part nerships with big players around the world to provide technology services to our customers in the public and private sectors.

Does Mosaïk Communication also collaborate with institutional bodies?
MEG The Mohammed VI Museum and Casa Tramway are two of many projects where we work hand in hand with the government. There is a real awareness among decision-makers that culture is an extremely important element today and a lever of development. In its broadest sense, culture is a tool for fostering open-mindedness and creative expression. The Rabat Biennale welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors, and we help lay the foundations of the cultural

How do you envision Morocco's digital future?
ZF Morocco ranks among the top-10 countries in the Universal Postal Union's ranking of countries that have succeeded in achieving true digitalization. Morocco has also managed to launch electronic tenders. We are working with the local authorities to digitalize all services. For example, the Watiqa application that we have developed allows any Moroccan to access public services from anywhere in the world. Moreover, we have an end-to-end digital platform for entrepreneurs. So far, 115,000 entrepreneurs have signed up. There are still things we need to do to accelerate the country's digital transformation because it all comes down to infrastructure. We have three telecoms operators and optical fiber connections in the majority of cities,
but there are still many areas that are not well served. We need to overcome such challenges so that Morocco can progress

What are your goals for 2020?
MEG Morocco today needs 5-6% growth in order to create jobs and wealth. His Majesty set up this commission, but beyond the commission, which mobilizes an entire country around a high-quality committee, we need to bring all the stakeholders on board. We need to make sure we have a new model for economic development. ZF Our main goal in the next three years is to double our turnover. Our vision is to be the first company in the BPO sector to go fully digital. We also plan to expand into Africa, in particular French-speaking countries in West Africa.