Lorenzo Fernández Cueto Barros

Lorenzo Fernández Cueto Barros

Managing Partner, Intertec
Rodrigo Fernández

Rodrigo Fernández

VP Property & Casualty, Intertec

What is the biggest challenge for the insurance and bond market in this new stage of the Mexican economy?
LORENZO FERNÁNDEZ CUETO B Without a doubt, and hoping that most companies remain in the market, growth is the biggest challenge for Mexican entrepreneurs.

RODRIGO FERNÁNDEZ G Maintaining a committed work team that perceives the difficulty and challenge that circumstances imply is essential to maintain growth.

What kind of customers are you looking for?
LFCB Medium and large, local and global companies have been our natural market.

RFG Attending highly demanding companies in service is our primary objective.

What is the primary added value of Intertec?
LFCB Service and flexibility. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and providing personalized advice and designing products focused on the needs of our clients. We must be sensitive to the reality of the three-player relationship and that it has to be a “win-win-win" one: the customer, insurance and/or surety bonds company, and ourselves.

RFG After being in a commodity market for 38 years, with customer retention of more than 90%, what ensures customer loyalty to one's brand is service. We motivate our team and get every member involved, being reliable and consistent in everything we do promoting the continuous improvement of our processes. Our average tenure is 18 years, which is invaluable for business continuity and lasting client relationships.