Dr. Fernando Pedroza

Plastic Surgeon & President, La Font

Around 30% of my patients are foreigners; but medical tourism is growing faster in Colombia. The high quality processes and the natural appearance we can recreate make Colombia a Center in the world map as a Medical tourism point of renown. We perform around 27 to 30 surgeries per week with an annual total of 1,250 or 1,300 patients per year—30% men and 70% females. La Font is the most technologically advanced plastic surgery clinic available in Colombia. The main attraction for this kind of tourism is security. Our patients don't risk their health or their lives; and the excellent natural results make them come back again and again. Our high quality processes and results in natural appearance make us unique. La Font also has a hotel and a medical spa, making it the most unique plastic surgery clinic specialized in medical tourism.

Carlos Enrique Hoyos Salazar

Plastic Surgeon & President, SCCP

Some general physicians—or even people who are not medical doctors—believe they can carry out procedures such as injections or botox. They often try to do liposuction, believing it to be an easy procedure. These physicians even try to complete more daring surgeries such breast implants. However, it is necessary to always have the complete training. Unfortunately in Colombia, once a student finishes medicine at university, the country gives them the title of medical doctor and surgeon, but when they finish, they are not surgeons. These people are general physicians that are not specialized. In Colombia, there are only two medical specialties that are regulated by law: anesthesia and radiology. All the other specialties are not regulated. Aesthetic surgery cannot be studied independent from the wider category of plastic surgery; you need to be a reconstructive or plastic surgeon in order to specialize in aesthetics.

Dr. Gabriel Cubillos

Scientific Director, Clínica Colombiana de Obesidad y Metabolismo

The most common treatment among our services is laser lipolysis. We put optical fibers under the skin causing the dilution of fat in all areas of the body, and with a special feature that leaves the skin absolutely smooth. This treatment is specially indicated for people around 10 kilograms overweight, although people can undergo this treatment for beauty purposes as well in order to shape up their body. The cost of this treatment starts from $3,500 and can go to up to $13,000. Among our clients there are many celebrities, actors and actresses, and models. In fact, we also have many sportsmen coming to our center. In terms of balance between men and women, five years ago 15% of our patients were men. However, today this figure has already doubled, and younger men are increasingly coming. However, we have a wide service portfolio, including facial rejuvenation, breast and buttocks lifts, the extraction of polymers, excessive sweating treatments, and laser hair removal.

Ernesto Andrade

Founder & President, Ernesto Andrade Clinic

Many years ago, if you hit someone with your car, you would leave the body there and that was that. Now, the government has created a fund so you can take the person to hospital. I believe we also need to make a fund to protect against malpractice. The idea behind my law was that any doctor entering the market would need to pay into a special system each year. After this, the doctor would need to take an exam annually; if they fail the exam, then the amount they pay into the system would increase. It obligates people to improve their knowledge. We have a special regulation particular to Colombia—the only one that exists—that makes it legal for any doctor to perform any medical procedure, from brain surgery to rhinoplasty; the law does not define specializations. Some governmental officials have relatives working in the cosmetic world, which is why the laws are set that way. With an improved law, doctors would be able to do any procedure; however, doctors outside their specialty would pay much higher insurance rates because the patients would be at risk.