Pedro Sanabria

Pedro Sanabria

Director General, Trust Group
Julio César García Marín

Julio César García Marín

President, Mexican Bodyguard Society S.C.
Mexican Bodyguard Society and Trust Group are dedicated to providing comprehensive security solutions and helping the government overcome security challenges

What can you tell us about Mexican Bodyguard Society?
JULIO CéSAR GARCíA MARíN We continue to provide kidnapping victims and their families with advice and protection. Every time we help someone come home alive, it is a great satisfaction for us. Unfortunately, we live in a country where this is an everyday occurrence. In terms of physical protection, we currently support companies with oil platforms. We are working on a comprehensive program to help these companies because they are vulnerable in open water, mainly on the coast of Ciudad del Carmen. As a result, we have entered a market that we did not know very well before, but we have certified ourselves to be able to operate on platforms.

How would you compare 2019 with 2018?
PEDRO SANABRIA 2019 was a great year for Trust Group in terms of business, growth, and expansion. Due to the conditions at the time, there were certain uncertainties about what was going to happen. Many entrepreneurs decided not to cut their budgets on security issues, but instead strengthen them. In recent years, crime in Mexico has increased considerably. We not only retained existing customers but also won new ones. The company had 32% YoY growth in 2019 compared to approximately 17-18% in 2018. We have been doubling our growth but in an orderly manner. We operate in places where crime is centralized and where other security companies cannot work due to limited capacity.

Besides the oil sector, what other sectors are you working with?
JCG We continue to serve the business sector. In Mexico, the culture of prevention is not yet very widespread; however, when there is a fire, we are called to put it out. Our specialty goes beyond a simple private security company; we are high-level consultants. One of the biggest problems faced by entrepreneurs in Mexico is unethical companies that sell them a complete security package when it is not necessary. We guide companies regarding the type of company they should hire to solve their security issues. This has earned us a lot of confidence in the market, since we become strategic allies of our clients. Our clients are mostly businesspeople or politicians.

What main projects do you provide services for?
PS Our main mission is to provide security solutions to our clients. We do that by conducting a detailed analysis of the facilities where we will provide our service. There is a difference between providing security to executives and providing it to facilities, so that is the reason why we have specialized areas. Our third division is protecting a company's distribution chain between the time a product arrives from abroad via ports or airports and when it reaches a company's plants, its centers of distribution, and finally to the market. We guard the entire distribution chain, and this is called transport custody.

How do you manage to offer your services to high-level clients in Mexico?
JSG We receive around 95% of our clients through recommendations. Our clients recommend us to their friends or acquaintances, and we maintain our quality with great responsibility to fulfill that vote of confidence. We never play with people's lives. In some cases, we directly take care of the ransom money and guarantee that it is delivered on time. We do everything in our hands to not put the life of the victim at risk. These operations are risky and can also cost us our lives. But this is what we know and we do it because of our passion to help people.

Can you elaborate on your recent appointment as Regional Vice President for ASIS International?
PS ASIS International is the most prominent organization of security professionals in the world. I have been its member for 20 years, and as of January 1, 2020, I assumed the position of regional vice president. Our main objective is the professionalization of the sector. We want to provide full academic offerings and help in the professionalization process. For that, we have extremely well-defined programs, including the Certified Protection Professional (CPP), which is valid across the world.

What are your goals for 2020?
JSG We are working with the National Guard to achieve the pacification of Mexico through the application of quantum physics, neuroscience, and police intelligence programs. We created an organization called Quantum Mexico for this purpose. We are certain that we can reduce crime by up to 85% in 12 months.

PS 2020 is a particularly challenging year because of our growth. We must maintain it and determine if it is possible to grow further. Our plan is to retain our business and become stronger.