As corporates and government entities continue seeing the benefits of or safer, upgraded IT systems continues, Oman-based IT companies have experienced an uptick in demand.

Khalid Alsafi Al Haribi

Founder & Managing Director, Impact Integrated

I co-founded Impact to offer consultancy to teams interested in the design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of an innovative road map that meets their business objective based on leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies. For example, if a team in manufacturing, education, health, logistics, energy, or tourism aims to build its capacity to enhance its key performance indicators and spur growth, being an innovation and AI consultancy enterprise allows us to use tactics such as 10X to co-design, plan, implement, and evaluate KPIs to improve end results by 10 times in the most sustainable manner. We focus on the organization's need for growth. As sectors are converging with the advance of service-dominant logic, energy and manufacturing are becoming interlinked. Therefore, we target enterprises interested in simple growth solutions that leverage AI. Our clients are public and private enterprises that are focused on data-driven proactive planning and decision making to achieve their KPIs.

Rashid Al Salmi

Managing Director, Insight Information Technology

We work with organizations in three distinct areas: helping them develop the technology to secure their environments, training personnel, and devising policies, which comes with unique challenges. Regarding security policies, we do not dictate or devise any policies for organizations; there are many international standards such as the ISO, PCI DSS for different sectors. We have many customers in the government sector and also work with banks, major oil companies, security agencies, the police force, the army, and so on. We do not have any international customers because from the start, we decided to limit ourselves geographically to Oman. Insight offers smaller-scale systems rather than large infrastructure-level systems because most organizations decide to use commercial off-the-shelf products to build their infrastructure. Once we cut through the hype of large infrastructure systems, we can start talking about reality and making sure these systems stay up and running.

Firas Al-Abduwani

CEO, Hussam Technology Company (HTC)

We are a medium-sized company and in the EPC segment we operate with an essential survival and growth trait. Our seed members of the solar division who have now grown to lead the division have all came from our telecom division. Given that as a company we are profitable and see the solar division as an investment for the future, we have been able to grow quickly, particularly with the availability of projects ring-fenced for SMEs. Our renewable division now accounts for 25% of our employees and we aim to expand this contribution to 45% by end-2019. HTC's primary business is in the wireless sector, so our two other diversification paths, IoT and fibre-based solutions, are more closely related to the telecom sector. Since we decided to invest first into the renewable energy segment and as this division is approaching stand alone status, our focus has now shifted toward building up IoT capabilities. Our aspirations are to find a place higher up in the value chain where system integration is part of the offered solution.

Zahir Al Busaidi

CEO, Prime Business Solutions (PBS)

PBS worked diligently before 2016 to facilitate the demanding and diversified IT needs of Mubbadrah Group, our parent organization. After perfecting and rigorously testing our solutions, toward the end of 2016, the shareholders decided to broaden the vision. The ambition of PBS now is to not only facilitate the group with more innovative solutions, but also be a solution provider across Oman and beyond. We have established new offices in Muscat and Sri Lanka to accommodate the spread in our reach. During our study of the market, we realized our SME segment has a strong need for an ERP solution and subsequently created an innovative and user-friendly solution called Spur, the first step in the direction of our new vision. In 2017, we continued our market research and launched solutions such as Educal for schools and a real estate solution called RealMax. The next step for growth is to plan to establish new offices abroad and also establish sales channels. Already, a few agreements have been made, though we still aim for more.