Tony Safarian

General Manager, Alargan Towell Investment Company

In Oman, we are the only company specializing in providing affordable integrated housing solutions; most of the competitors’ projects, residential or mixed-use developments, are targeting the high-end market. In addition to focusing on affordability, we provide stylish designs with high-quality finishing; this is a crucial factor for homeowners. Today, we know for a fact that there is a shortfall in the supply of houses and plots. In order to keep up with our mission, we work hard to identify land that is in a good location, and we do our best to negotiate the price down, as this will indirectly benefit the customers better. Most of our projects are complete mini-city developments with different offerings; homeowners have the choice to buy a villa that best matches their financial capabilities, whether it is a little under OMR40,000 or over OMR200,000. As we are developing projects in different regions of Oman, we are committed to understanding the individuality of each region and the needs of the middle and middle to lower income segments; the mentality, attitude, choices, and preferences of Omani families vary from Muscat to Barka to Sohar; each region and each area has its own characteristics, requirements, and demands that we take into consideration.

Sheikh Hamood Sultan Al Hosni

CEO, Saraya Bandar Jissah

The Omani government has concentrated on promoting tourism in Oman for the past few years, in line with His Majesty’s Vision for the Omani economy. As part of this drive, the government identified certain locations for development in integrated tourism complexes (ITCs). These ITCs contain tourism as well as business components, but the government is interested primarily in value-added in the tourism sector that these can provide. The land that Saraya Bandar Jissah is developing is an area of outstanding natural beauty, framed by the Hajjar mountains, which roll down to the water’s edge at the stunning natural beach. Our intention is to create a luxury development on the site, to complement its beauty. The total development area covers about 2.2 million sqm; however, the actual built up area will only use 400,000 sqm (roughly 20%) of the total area. The completed development will have two beachfront five-star hotels that will sit alongside residential areas. We will have around 400 residential units and the two hotels will have 312 rooms in total.

Mish'al Mohd A. Moosa

Managing Director, Zain Property Development

Our success is a combination of trust, pricing strategy, and our unique vision. This unique product is based on design, quality, and size, which remains crucial in every property. We ensure that every fitting comes from a reputable brand, and all the building materials, while not the most expensive, will be of high quality. By keeping our margins lower, we are able to provide correspondingly higher quality properties. We try to do everything ourselves, avoiding outsourcing construction and development processes where possible. This is how you keep control of costs and maintain flexibility in your pricing. We currently employ 35 members of full-time staff in the office and 120 construction staff. It is only architectural design, interior design, and structural design that we outsource to professionals.