Najat AbdulRaheem

Najat AbdulRaheem

Founder & CEO, Shoura Business Group
Rami Rishmani

Rami Rishmani

Deputy General Manager, GlobeMed Qatar
Healthcare stakeholders seek ways to operate more efficiently, lower their unit costs, raise quality levels, and identify ways to optimize the value of their limited resources.

How has the company evolved since its establishment?

Najat AbdulRaheem When Shoura Business Group was first established, we provided traditional web services and mobile applications. At that time, we were also establishing the business development and innovation function for Ooredoo to drive growth through innovation in different sectors. After the successful establishment of the function, I quit in 2017 to refocus on the business and find ways to cover the demand in the market and the gap in innovative technology solutions. Through our people who have demonstrated their capability to transform organizations through innovation and the passion to achieve outstanding results toward digital roadmap and our international expertise, we started working on new projects. We offer end-to-end health and technology solutions by blending business insights with technology expertise to accelerate the digital transformation and deliver innovation. In the last year, we have been considering providing solutions related to patient engagement because there are no low-cost, easy-to-adapt solutions in the market, which is what we are doing by providing patient engagement strategies, consultancy services, and developing and bringing technological solutions to the Qatari market.

Rami Rishmani GlobeMed started its operations in Lebanon in 1991 as the first third-party administrator (TPA) in the country. The concept of third-party administration was still new in the region. We introduced a unique franchising business model, expanding our geographical presence to 12 countries in the Middle East and North Africa to serve our clients and their insured members wherever they might be. Throughout our 27 years of experience, our visionary strategy has allowed us to achieve several milestones. In 1999, GlobeMed launched the first online portal for healthcare providers to process claims, which allowed us to connect all stakeholders including insurance companies, healthcare providers, and patients. Indeed, this has revolutionized the overall healthcare experience rendering a seamless process in health services delivery for patients. Our TPA business has evolved from the traditional claims processing to managing healthcare benefits, and today our focus is managed care. In the process, we have embraced new digital technologies in support of automation, which constitutes the core of our work.

How have you worked particularly with the healthcare sector of Qatar?

NA We offer patient engagement strategies, technological solutions, and consultation services for the health sector. We have introduced interactive voice response (IVR)-based health solutions in the country, a high availability and low-cost solution that can be provided to different segments. There are certain sectors that we still need to look at for other innovative solutions and other low-cost solutions that are easy to adapt, which is what we seek to do. IVR is not commonly used in Qatar. Through our solution, we can be proactive in reducing the number of visits of patients to healthcare providers and providing information and service to our patients easily. We seek to bring “Made in Qatar" innovation that can be adapted easily by the majority of the population here. The good thing with the IVR is that we can send messages in local languages; at the same time, there is an option to connect customers with either the back-end electronic medical record or to someone who can respond to their emergency.

RR GlobeMed Qatar offers continually enhanced tailor-made e-platform services linking the healthcare community around a unique network. In 2013, GlobeMed Qatar was announced as a service provider in the new National Health Insurance Scheme and accordingly serving all of the Qatari population. Today, our portfolio stands at eight insurance companies in Qatar out of about 20 companies working in the health insurance sector in the country. Being part of the largest healthcare benefits management group in the Middle East has allowed us to serve our clients insurance companies and their beneficiaries in Qatar and beyond, connecting them to over 17,000 providers directly contracted with GlobeMed and over 120,000 providers worldwide. We have introduced new programs and online tools, providing the necessary balance between cost containment and quality of service. Above all, we have embraced automation in every step of the health insurance cycle. For instance, at our call centers, approvals requests are answered in less than five minutes, giving patients faster access to the required medical services.