Carlos Césarman

CFO, Pinfra

I believe that the government is very talented. The Salinas administration was very active. I think that the way that the Peña Nieto government has attacked the infrastructure problem has also been effective and created opportunities. When the government was dealing on a state level, I believe that it did well and may have a chance at doing it well throughout the whole country. I am optimistic, but I think that the main problem will be in relation to financing this equation in regard to the world situation. The world is generally in a very uncertain period; there are three very difficult things happening, one of which is abnormal debts for both government and consumers. In addition, we are coming to the end of the baby-boom era, and negative cash flows will disappear from funds as baby-boomers fulfill the last phase of their lives. Finally, a young generation that is not creating wealth will emerge. Those three equations put together will likely take the liquidity out of the markets, and that is where I think that the government should be focusing its financing strategies. Fortunately, Mexico still has a population advantage, and that is a great opportunity for the country.

Agustín Tejedor Ureta

General Director, Grupo Aldesa Mexico

I think Mexico should focus on transport infrastructure. It is very important to develop the ports, railways, airports, and of course the roads and highways. The country has to prepare for the increased industry that Mexico is attracting and developing. For example, Mexico has huge export potential and doesn't have a harbor in the top-200 largest in the world. In terms of what Aldesa can contribute, we have an extensive experience in highways, tunnels, traffic systems, and airports. We are also leaders in railways with an experience of more than 600 kilometers. We have extensive expansion plans for Mexico in the coming years. We will continue to work in our core construction business of roads and energy infrastructure. However, there are new projects in which to expect participation, such as railways, water facilities, hospitals, and airports. Also, we are focused on private markets, where there is work to do: corporate and commercial buildings, hospitals and universities, and industrial facilities. In traffic, we have a huge opportunity to develop urban traffic systems, and there is a great need for this in Mexican cities. There is also major demand for security systems in Mexican cities. The traffic and security systems are very closely interlinked, and we offer complete packages that incorporate both aspects.

Javier Sordo Madeleno Bringas

President, Sordo Madeleno Arquitectos

Grade-A retail space is in high demand. Mexico was closed for many years and its borders only began to open up around 20 years ago. Before, business was not very competitive. Today, the economy is completely open and there are many new products to buy. However, there are still many brands absent from Mexico City and many are looking to join. That is why there is a large demand for retail space. Triple-A space is also needed, and as we go down the market there is also demand. In Toluca, we are working on projects and without even seeking participants we are becoming fully leased. We are also renovating older projects and this is a positive reflection of growth. I expect that 2013 will be a good year for us as we have decided to go full-speed ahead on two projects and will be opening two large mixed-use developments. We believe that 2013 is going to lay important elements for the next six years of the new presidency. It is important that we make decisions to launch projects in 2013, despite the uncertainty that always surrounds the inauguration of a new president. Growth trends will surely continue.