Oliver Townsend

CEO, Knutsford Express

Tourism requires a safe, seamless, and secure connection, and that is what Knutsford Express offers. In 2017, we opened one of our terminals at Sangster International Airport, so that arriving passengers are able to directly connect with our bus service. Once done with customs, passengers can directly come to our office and grab a service to 13 locations. Over the years, our schedule and frequency have evolved according to demand, and as a result, we offer different options. Notably, we have many services to Kingston from Port Antonio, Port Maria, Annotto Bay, Negril, Savanna-La-Mar, Luana, Gutters, and Mandeville. Knutsford Express fills a vital gap, as previously passengers only had the option of taking taxis or renting a car, but now they can use scheduled luxury service that operates at a world-class standard. As our customer base widens, we will open up services to more areas. Our guiding values revolve around the safety and reliability of our operation. Since establishing 12 years ago, we continue to reinvest in our equipment, human resources, and software to make our product more appealing. Furthermore, we plan to go digital in 2018 because millennials expect to do business differently, and we are motivated to provide them with a more seamless service. We have hired dedicated teams that handle our social media profiles and integrated a chat box on our website for better communication. Customers are now able to purchase tickets through our website. We have also launched mobile applications.

Constantine “Charley” Hinds

Managing Director, Corporate Petroleum Services (Petcorp)

Corporate Transport Services is an integrated services company. It encompasses petroleum, distribution, and public transportation. We presently distribute to end users and gas stations, but we want to develop our own retail network. We intend to build a transportation network to ensure the average Jamaican is transported in first-world conditions at a reasonable price. We have several routes: Montego Bay to Kingston and Montego Bay to Port Antonio, which connects Ocho Rios, Port Maria, and Annotto Bay. Meanwhile, our gas petroleum network will compete with the big players via pricing because the current prices can be improved. The petroleum industry is lucrative, and once we are listed on the stock market, we will have access to the required capital. The idea is to build out our network, and in 2019, we will build out at least three or four more. Our plan is to build as many as 15 retail networks, as this will give us a bigger share of the market. Our market is dominated by multinationals, and the biggest local company is Petcom; however, once we build out, we expect to be the number-two local company in terms of market share. In 2019, we want to add at least four retail stations and six luxury buses. We also want to roll out at least another 50% of our service routes. In the next three years, we want to fully roll out our routes, and we hope in the coming 18 to 24 months to be listed publicly. We want the same access to funding as most of our competitors.

Georges McDonald

Director, Jamaica Union of Travelers Association (JUTA)

During its 47 years of existence, JUTA has managed several major transportation assignments, including the visits of Barack Obama and David Cameron. We work extensively with many embassies in Jamaica. JUTA has eight chapters across the island, and we are able to transport up to 6,000 people at any given time for a function. We are in all the resort areas, as well as Kingston, which is more of a business-oriented area. We have a wide range of vehicles, from 55-seater coaches to luxury cars and 30- or 15-seaters. Our vehicles are certified and have to be checked twice a year by the government. Notably, we are guided somewhat by the Jamaican tourist board. We receive three-year concession on our vehicles, and the government requires us to renew them every three years. JUTA was in fact formed by the government because it needed a selected group of individuals to be responsible for visitors to Jamaica. JUTA has been doing a great job over the years, which is why the government assists it with concessions and driver training. Moving forward, one of the things we are working on is providing Wi-Fi in our vehicles. We are also looking at developing options for tourists coming out of Kingston to Montego Bay and vice versa. We want to package some of these options and make them affordable with a tour of six or seven people. We want to develop a website that will help business travelers discover leisure options during their trip, as well as feature packages. We are also considering a mobile app.